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  1. what Sacred 2 combat art allows you to break the 150 attack speed cap?
  2. this will probably be the first time any of you have seen what I look like
  3. thank you all for the well wishes! just got home and I'm driving out far for a meeting all day...lame. anyway, they're coming home so I'll see them tonight. found out he's ticklish mom's walking around a little bit more than yesterday and baby's eating and pooping like no other oh, we've decided to name him alexander markus markus for her stepdad mark, who never had a boy[5 girls] and wanted to be here, but was stuck up in spokane watching the girls
  4. if you're going to be tri element, then ancient magic isn't necessary for piercing immunity. instead, what you'll be using it for is to increase damage, which combat d will do for you quite nicely and with the -reg bonus. I would drop ancient magic for shield lore, unless you plan on going 2h staff, which would be more unique but less effective/defensive than a shield/weapon because of slots and double the native item modifiers but then again, I have yet to see what 2h staves really do in Ice and Blood
  5. screenshot or it didn't happen, right? it's amazing how much they can change in a matter of 24 hours...well it'll be a full day in 4 hours but I'm off to a full day at work, unfortunately. didn't want to tear myself away from him. I believe we've selected alexander. mom doesn't like alex so we will insist on alexander, though learning to spell his name in cursive is going to drive him insane. I know, my name is pretty long as well... I just can't get over the fact that I'll be calling him baby 'al.' just born with my little sister with mom's arm[she didn't want t
  6. it's a boy with some nice strong legs. he's also really quiet and doesn't cry at all. we're stuck on names though. Elliot? Simon? Alexander? Aleksander? Gavin? Seth? mom is doing great. a little pale, but good thanks for all the well wishes! he'll be level 1 in a year!
  7. if some of you have noticed, I've been absent from posting too much and playing in general. sometimes life deals interesting cards and you just can't forget that there is a life outside of whatever games you play, no matter how immersive they are anyway, just wanted to say we had our first baby born today at 9:33am pst. he's perfectly healthy and we are all happy/tired I'll have pictures up but right now I'm posting from my phone at the hospital welcome, baby soldats!
  8. it's a multiplier to your base crit chance, not total
  9. pascal mercier - the night train to lisbon about halfway through this...the language...is like watching a breathtaking landscape. I can't describe it any other way. a sad but triumphant novel so far
  10. tried ancrid's dream with ancrid's blade a few months ago. no dice.
  11. dglore. meant tactics lore it was becoming more of a chore, LF has no real Area of Effect attacks, it's best used as a secondary aspect p.s jolting touch + dedicated blow is a very effective combo against bosses/champions yes, but if you went with tactics lore, you could go with what many tg players do...ds. that's Area of Effect...but since everyone else does it, well, by default, I will not.
  12. dg lore doesn't exist after 150 levels with the lf tg, I would say forget it. he's way underclassed compared other classes/builds
  13. consider raising int or +all skills[indirectly increases dmg by raising ancient magic[if you have it], combat discipline[if you have it], aspect lore/focus[you'd better have these]]
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