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  1. I'm still experimenting and trying to understand how the game works, but from what information is on the wiki and what I have gathered here thus far. I have noticed that there is an item modifier called chance to find valuables, that is not only a major part of enhanced perception but something you can get with relative ease without the skill. From what I can gather the other major part of enhanced perception only helps you find additional places to loot and to detect invidible enemies. However on the wiki I noticed they mentioned a bonus to "magic find". I am a bit conflicted as to what magic find does and where it comes from within enhanced. I can't tell if it's a seperate thing from the two main portions of enhanced perception or what. Which makes me question if I could supplement the most important part of enhanced perception (finding better loot) or if there is something I can only get from enhanced perception that effects it more then just having more places to loot. EDIT: I've realized I need enhanced perception for the modifier to even exist outside the skill
  2. So I am very familliar with rpgs, tending to prefer to make warriors/spellswords/tanks. However with my knowledge has me questioning a lot of my choices, as I know effects of spells/items/abilities/etc might not work out the way they are written. For example an effect of +50% crit chance (let's say base crit chance is 2%) could mean your crit chance is 52% or 3%. For my first character I wanted to make a character that was dam focused while being somewhat tanky. Current states are as follows: level 12 attributes (current total without survivor bonus followed by how many points I invested) strength 65 (invested 9 points) stamina 56 (invested 2 points) dexterity 44 (invested 0 points) vitality 59 (invested 1 point) intelligence 46 (invested 0 points) willpower 54 (invested 0 points) Skills: Sword Weapons 9 Armor Lore 7 Divine devotion 5 (god is Testa) Enhanced Perception 4 Damage lore 1 Sorry the following is going to be a bit long, I do have a section at the bottom that lists what I think I'm going to go with, with all the information I have. I am most conflicted when it comes to which skills to pick from the limited pool of 10 but also the order. As of now the skills I am looking to pick from are death warrior focus, concentration, malevolent champion, dual wield, tactics lore, toughness, constitution, spell resistance, combat discipline. My goal with this build was to charge in dual wielding and be able to deal heavy dam even with just regular strikes. For that end I thought sword weapons, dam lore, tactics lore and dual wield would be the ticket. but if I went that route I would only have 3 more to choose from, there's also the rather large problem that nothing on dual wield will stack with sword weapon. The only purpose it would have would be to let me dual wield. I guess that leaves more points to put elsewhere so I could make up for that by pumping up sword weapons, tactics lore and/or dam lore more. However when it comes to tactics lore it looks like I would need to have a rather hefty investment to get a decent crit hit chance and a crit hit is only 20% more dam. Though I am very conflicted abaout this as the wiki I was getting info one was inaccurate about tactics lore, though maybe it was the CM patch that changed it. Either way I thought I would need to invest 75 points to get just 9% crit chance, which didn't really seem worth but it looks like it increases in increments of 0.4 instead of 0.2 and starts at 0.9. With the 3 left over I feel like I don't have enough to cover my bases. Only having armor lore feels like not enough so what do I do? Pick toughness but leave my hp lacking or pick constitution in hopes the HP incrase will cover where my defense is lacking. The wiki I consulted was also wrong about constitution as well, in game hp raises in 15 point increments and hp regen in 3ish % increments, on the wiki it was 70 and 0.2ish% respectively. After that is set and done my combat arts have nothing put into them. So the 2nd one would have to at least be death warrior focus. what about after that, do I put my last into malevolent champion or do I go all in with death warrior and supplement it with combat discipline or concentration. Concentration is good but if I don't have another focus then the other combat arts aren't going to get much stronger at all. Sorry I'm just very indecisive and sometimes over worry about fraking up a class. With everything I wrote I was thinking the final choice would be: sword weapons, armor lore, divine devotion, enhanced perception, damage lore, tactics lore, death warrior focus, malevolent champion, concentration/spell resistance, toughness any thoughts or advice? I am also thinking of maybe cutting tactics lore out but that's a blow to the kind of damage output I wanted.
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