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19 Years of Wyntertyde in Ancaria

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  1. Ahhh what a sight for sore eyes - I always enjoy the Christmas theme music this time of year and this was a pleasant surprise logging on for the first time in a while after the whole family (including little one) got COVID and is slowly recovering
  2. Hello to our resident forum overlords. Recently I have noticed that one of the recent topics filter dropdowns is obscured by a forum view selection option (condensed vs. expanded) - one for your investigation if you have time. There should be a number of days with up/down arrows next to the text "Specified time period" Thanks!
  3. You should just be able to use @ followed by their username e.g. @Neovita
  4. Looks great! I love how much attention to detail you've put in to really distinguish between everything and make them consistent within their own context and the broader context of the game.

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