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  1. Wow this was actually the best answer I could receive, what a relief not having to rely on re-skill or coop. By the way can you tell me which boss drops it? Is it hrungaz in the goblin village quest?
  2. Ok so my gladiator has currently beaten platinum underworld at level 100 and I just noticed I took parrying as my last skill at level 50 I dont know what crossed my mind since I have NEVER even touched a shield for a single second in the entire run. ( I'm dual wielding) my skills are: const, weap lore, dual wield, concentration, trading, agility, armor, parrying since this is one of my 2 main characters and I forgot AGAIN to take disarm, I dont know how to get a tree rage on him... and I always wanted to. so my questions are: 1 Is parrying totally useless on a full dual wield gladiator? Is there any shield I'll ever want to use over a second battered machete or a second faldamar? If parrying is useless what could be a good final choice in case of future similar builds? 2 Are there any ways to change my single level spent in parrying with disarming? (I'd prefer to do this instead of someone giving me tree rage) 3 Does someone here have a spare tree rage around level 90-120? (I never did coop but it's starting to look like the only option) (please im really fond of this character and I dont want my completionism dreams to be shattered because I forgot to take disarming)
  3. I had to go on my router website and open 2005 and 2006 ports, while trying everything I got here, so enabling data flow for modem and disabling full screen. downloaded radmin (I dont trust hamachi anymore) and followed a guide here on radmin (I dont remember which one). I dont know what did the trick exactly but the problem seems to be gone, I can see and log in the public servers on radmin thx for the help everyone!
  4. I tried following the video but it still doesnt work is there anything else I could do before modding? (also I dont think modding would help since the problem isnt finding a server but starting the lan mode)
  5. I'm trying to start a Lan coop campain (alone I just need it to dupe items) but after I've chosen the PG and I start the game it blocks on "testing ports" for like 10 sec and then it says "init failed" I tried steam file repair I tried unistalling and reinstalling I tried port forwarding manually my router none of these worked, it's not about the dupe, the big problem is that I was planning to play Lan with my friends later on please tell me if anyone had experienced this issue or has any solution. thanks. edit: it was a problem with my modem and firewall, solved it by manual port forwarding
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