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  1. crash report of sacred.exe: Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x00000000 in 32-bit code (0x0064536c). Register dump: CS:0023 SS:002b DS:002b ES:002b FS:006b GS:0063 EIP:0064536c ESP:002e2c58 EBP:0269d038 EFLAGS:00210212( R- -- I -A- - ) EAX:00000002 EBX:002eb7f8 ECX:00000021 EDX:00000000 ESI:00000000 EDI:0269d04c Stack dump: 0x002e2c58: 0269d0c8 0269d038 ffffffff 00000000 0x002e2c68: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000018 0x002e2c78: 00000000 0001004a 00000000 00000000 0x002e2c88: 00000000 00000000 00000000 0001004a 0x002e2c98: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 0x002e2ca8: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 Backtrace: =>0 0x0064536c EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in sacred (0x0269d038) 1 0x026902c8 (0x0089117c) 2 0xc0f570a4 (0x006489c0) 3 0xffffbf68 (0xe8f18b56) 0x0064536c EntryPoint+0xffffffff in sacred: repe movsl (%esi),%es:(%edi) Modules: Module Address Debug info Name (29 modules) PE 330000- 384000 Deferred tincat2 PE 400000- 1d83000 Export sacred PE 1d90000- 1e4f000 Deferred libxml2 PE 1e50000- 1f25000 Deferred iconv PE 10000000-10084000 Deferred granny PE 21100000-21164000 Deferred mss32 PE 60000000-60058000 Deferred ijl15 PE 7a840000-7a844000 Deferred opengl32 PE 7b020000-7b023000 Deferred kernelbase PE 7b420000-7b5db000 Deferred kernel32 PE 7bc30000-7bc34000 Deferred ntdll PE 7e8a0000-7e8af000 Deferred setupapi PE 7eb00000-7eb04000 Deferred winex11 PE 7ee40000-7ee44000 Deferred imm32 PE 7ee90000-7ee98000 Deferred oleaut32 PE 7efb0000-7efb4000 Deferred iphlpapi PE 7efe0000-7efe4000 Deferred ws2_32 PE 7f010000-7f014000 Deferred wsock32 PE 7f030000-7f039000 Deferred msacm32 PE 7f070000-7f074000 Deferred rpcrt4 PE 7f120000-7f148000 Deferred ole32 PE 7f270000-7f2ed000 Deferred winmm PE 7f350000-7f3a3000 Deferred msvcrt PE 7f400000-7f404000 Deferred version PE 7f450000-7f538000 Deferred user32 PE 7f670000-7f674000 Deferred advapi32 PE 7f700000-7f707000 Deferred gdi32 PE 7f880000-7f884000 Deferred wined3d PE 7f9e0000-7f9e4000 Deferred ddraw Threads: process tid prio (all id:s are in hex) 00000008 (D) Z:\home\vitnapoletano\.wine\drive_c\Sacred gold\Sacred gold\Sacred.exe 00000009 0 <== 0000000e services.exe 0000000f 0 00000010 0 00000013 0 0000001a 0 0000001d 0 00000024 0 00000011 plugplay.exe 00000012 0 00000016 0 00000017 0 00000018 winedevice.exe 00000019 0 0000001b 0 0000001c 0 0000001e 0 00000021 0 0000001f explorer.exe 00000020 0 00000028 0 00000029 0 0000002a 0 00000022 winedevice.exe 00000023 0 00000025 0 00000026 0 00000027 0 System information: Wine build: wine-5.0.3 (Debian 5.0.3-3) Platform: i386 (WOW64) Version: Windows 7 Host system: Linux Host version: 5.10.159-20950-g3963226d9eb4
  2. I know, it sounds uselessly complicated, but I'm gonna do it anyway and I need help. I've come as far as being able to download sacred (From this link: https://archive.org/download/pc_20211221/Sacred gold.zip) for windows, placing it in my linux files, then change the directory from linux to wine and run the command: wine .wine/drive_c/Sacred\ gold/Sacred\ gold/Sacred.exe now the game starts but instantly goes black screen and I get an erro that says: the program sacred exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close (crash report in the comments) if instead I try to run the sacredreborn or sacredreborn config it doesn't even start and says ''error can't load SRglbl.res!'' if instead I try to run the config.exe (config of regular game) that .exe starts normally without errors. so I don't think I've done something wrong in setting up wine, since I've managed to open something, and I also already checked on a normal PC (with windows) that this version of sacred works even better than steam's version any help on how could I make it run on wine, from linux, from a chromebook?
  3. Wow this was actually the best answer I could receive, what a relief not having to rely on re-skill or coop. By the way can you tell me which boss drops it? Is it hrungaz in the goblin village quest?
  4. Ok so my gladiator has currently beaten platinum underworld at level 100 and I just noticed I took parrying as my last skill at level 50 I dont know what crossed my mind since I have NEVER even touched a shield for a single second in the entire run. ( I'm dual wielding) my skills are: const, weap lore, dual wield, concentration, trading, agility, armor, parrying since this is one of my 2 main characters and I forgot AGAIN to take disarm, I dont know how to get a tree rage on him... and I always wanted to. so my questions are: 1 Is parrying totally useless on a full dual wield gladiator? Is there any shield I'll ever want to use over a second battered machete or a second faldamar? If parrying is useless what could be a good final choice in case of future similar builds? 2 Are there any ways to change my single level spent in parrying with disarming? (I'd prefer to do this instead of someone giving me tree rage) 3 Does someone here have a spare tree rage around level 90-120? (I never did coop but it's starting to look like the only option) (please im really fond of this character and I dont want my completionism dreams to be shattered because I forgot to take disarming)
  5. I had to go on my router website and open 2005 and 2006 ports, while trying everything I got here, so enabling data flow for modem and disabling full screen. downloaded radmin (I dont trust hamachi anymore) and followed a guide here on radmin (I dont remember which one). I dont know what did the trick exactly but the problem seems to be gone, I can see and log in the public servers on radmin thx for the help everyone!
  6. I tried following the video but it still doesnt work is there anything else I could do before modding? (also I dont think modding would help since the problem isnt finding a server but starting the lan mode)
  7. I'm trying to start a Lan coop campain (alone I just need it to dupe items) but after I've chosen the PG and I start the game it blocks on "testing ports" for like 10 sec and then it says "init failed" I tried steam file repair I tried unistalling and reinstalling I tried port forwarding manually my router none of these worked, it's not about the dupe, the big problem is that I was planning to play Lan with my friends later on please tell me if anyone had experienced this issue or has any solution. thanks. edit: it was a problem with my modem and firewall, solved it by manual port forwarding
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