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  1. A fellow phoenician I see lol, gogoblender you can HAVE all this bloody heat... Been in it for too blasted many years now. Course, heres the screwed thing, LAST WEEK we were in the 70's, THIS WEEK we are in the 100's, and the (supposedly) predict the 80's for NEXT week... Are you sure you want our weather lol? Its more unreliable than your uncle teds 59 ford pickup!
  2. Hmmm cool, looks like it would be worth it to continue heh, ty for the info. If there ARE any other guides/info on trading it would be appreciated. Iono about anone else, but half the fun of trading for me is seeing what oddities come up lol, for instance an RBoL boost on a vamp specific item, but I also enjoy coming across a "superweapon" or "superarmor" to mess with. Honestly, IMO I think I have a better set on me from trading than I could ever have with set items including their additional bonuses (with the noteable exception of the thar eross set, of which I have ever only found the gauntl
  3. Hello, I am newish to this forum and newish to online gaming (Sacred Gold being the first and only game I have played online) and I was wondering if anyone can perhaps help me with this. I see on the skill progression chart that there isnt much info on the Trading Skill, and my question about it is this: Does anyone know if theres a point where its pointless to add points to it? I have a level 86 dwarf with maxed trading and an additional +15 to all skills bonus for a final trading level of 101. I note that most other skills seem to hit massively diminishing returns after a certain point, does
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