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  1. Thanks KK, your word that I could make it through plat helped, getting millions of gold by the second now and money isn't an issue Everyone who has issues with money on this build, do this. 1. VD Glitch 2. Once you see offmap foes infected, camp with the group chasing you and roast you some smores. 3. once dead, pick up remains. Desert mainly for good drops, EP gear/relics can help a small chunk.
  2. go figure you're having trouble with money on that char, you're leveling too fast. I had a ridiculous rune on diablo2, huge xp and gains to stats...used it for like a week then deleted the char, took all the fun out of the game... Go figure, bargaining has money for breakfast, lunch and dinner... + snacks! Well im guessing as long as she can solo plat at around 150-200 ill be fine in attaining money through the main campaign. Ancient bark + GG Touch = invincible... not to mention the shield lore Karrupted, do you think this can make it through plat? EDIT: Now around 140, I got shield lore to mastery for the bonus which is quite lovely.
  3. This is very very neat! And very very... different! 9.9/10
  4. I updated back to patched sacred 2, went on gold, and it works fine, I guess it's all good now and im officially one of the pro's! On 360 tho, there is a bunch of people with experience gear that says, "+experience 280,876.13% and they gave me a shield that had that. I got from lev 76 to 111 in one small vd run. How the hell are they doing this? D: sorta ruining the game ): EDIT: Having a little trouble with money on this char, any tips?
  5. Sorry for another double post. But this is the ultimate tip for folks on the 360 that can only get this to work once in a secret ascaron cave. (1/1,000,000) Go to system setting then hard drive, press y for more info of the hard drive, then clear cache, unplug your xbox live cord(you don't have to, you can just say no to the update, but that could corrupt your save to better safe then sorry) then try the disease in desert. After doing so, I was actually able to do this and get from about 60-70 in less then an hour-hour 1/2.
  6. After reading, I noticed something, im too high leveled for my region. Lol everything worked in sync that was effing up my VD. First off, I didnt have the correct gear and stuff and tried forever on the kobolds till I was too high to get good experience from them anymore. Then I kept continuing through like this till desert, got to level 66. I did this all in silver. I should be in gold -.- I know this is my problem because I went back to kobolds and it worked perfect and is working good at desert... just really slow lol thanks again KK for the build
  7. well said well said! And yes I seem to get quite a bit more experience off mount when running around. I also used your tip of the day on entering inventory and switching over to miscellaneous and it either works by coincidence, or just plain old works! Anyways loving this build, great shopper, massive boss killer when all are modded, etc.
  8. So what is with everyone getting their run speed up? why not just use a mount? Why does your speed affect the spread effect? lol help this nooooob Because if mounts affect the disease negatively, then I wish I knew earlier
  9. I've been thinking the same thing! TWO valera's chest guards in one drop from white griff, next game ANOTHER Valera chest guard and chest piece of time. I never have as good of luck as I do with other chars. Oh yes, and my first lightsaber was found on my HE, AS A DROP! Was only level 21 also xP
  10. lol remade this guy a few days ago got borred making Dryads. On a side note this game is all about playability. You will learn to like building and building over to play the character you love w/ better gear the 2nd/3rd/4th time over.You will learn alot about the game doing this aswell. What works what doesnt and most important what the particular class your playing neeeds the most help w/. Temple Guardian's are awesome but Warding energy is a must since he has low hp so taking that and raising will power will help you tremendously. The new Temple guard I made needs gear bad so ill take enhaced perception to get that then rebuild him and take it(the temple Gaurd that is) to 200. True true true So you made a new Temple Guardian? If it's a different build and better you should post it
  11. I might have to try this out I always wanted to make a temple guardian, now that it kills bosses great I'm bound to make one
  12. Lol no problem. And im just having trouble getting it to work in the desert, and I want to see it in action to see if I'm doing anything wrong.
  13. My severe adhd leaves me incapable to try this out, I can't even do schoolwork for ffs. By the summer ill have meds and plenty of time to play and that will probably end up leaving me with a level 200 kung-fu dryad. Most interesting/coolest class to me by far, but requires the most patience; which I don't have Can't wait to try this puppy!
  14. If only I came across this sooner -.- But I have a fair understanding of the game after following character builds from this website, but I'm sure that guide would have been a bit better lol. Good find gogo
  15. I didn't say it was impossible. the whole game is based on a chance. so you got lucky and congratz! Good find. I played 1000 hours on console and another 500 or 600 on PC and never had one drop. so you be the lucky man! I know, I actually couldn't speak when I found a lightsaber in my inventory on my noob character that I randomly logged on for poops and giggles, lol and ty I can give you a purple one that is around level 50 if you want ) Gt- Codebone
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