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  1. Ya that's why I love it so much. heh. I've maxed this guy out at 200 now. He's my shopper I'm making another Melee Inquisitor as we speak. But this guy is going to be a *little* more defensive minded. Only because for newer players out there... You will NOT expect to get hit that hard in niob lol. But, you will get hit.... THAT hard. Angry blood-drunk dump trucks on steroids hard... well that's what I first thought when I first entered niob, now... not so much. My new guy will be the same play style, different skills and CA mods though. And some new gear. Damage mitigation minded. COMPL
  2. Regens have NEVER been a problem with my inquisitor. As long as I stayed loaded with +skill jewelry and have it socketed into, well almost everything I could, my Concentration and Gruesome Inquisition Focus were boosted WAY above my own Clvl. I usually ran my CAs at absolute max level before penalty. On a side note, Ilgard's gloves, especially at higher item levels, provide a HUGE "regeneration on hit" So if you combine that with a maxed dual wield which is 2 weapons swinging at 150% attack speed, even if you had a high regen time, it wouldn't matter. But I also have a few pieces of jewe
  3. This is the build I am currently using for my GI Inquisitor. Xbox 360 - Offline only (My building only allows dial-up whah) Level 176. Total death count = 0. Total times the g/f said she hates Sacred 2 because of this guy and how much I play him = uncountable... It's designed for an OFFENSIVE Gruesome Inquisition Inquisitor. The kind where you run in, start swinging, and don't stop until everything is dead. No fear, no retreat, and more importantly no dieing. Firstly: I am only showing my skill values from 75 on (then every 25 levels after that), I feel it's still a decent goal t
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