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  1. iI Had A glitch Where I was in a tomb or Cave Game went to a loading screen and was teleported out side the cave any one else experience this glitch Ps it was on the 360
  2. Thnx nilihanth that explains more than I was getting else where Thank you again
  3. Thank you GoGo Thanx For the Tip Nili worked like a champ
  4. I just Knocked out 2 of the 4 Side quest Dragons got Decent XP ok item Drops do any of the four Drop set Items Or Rare thnx
  5. I Took out 2 of the 4 side Quest Dragons I Got some decent XP some ok drops NONE were Rare are they all like that?
  6. Hello Every1, Love the Site Very Informitive, Thank You For A site Like this. This is What Was needed For this Game.
  7. ok I know that the Griffen and Boar Drop sets But I just knocked off two Dragons one in the human Realm and one on the dryad Island and got some ok stupp and lots of XP do they ever Drop sets
  8. Search out the White Griffin And the Dragons Both yield good rewards
  9. Have you Searched out The 4 side Quest Dragons
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