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  1. Looks like I logged in just in time for great news! Great to hear from DS! One question I have ( since my computer is down and out) could you find out what the system requirements will be for S3? This way I can rebuild to the proper specs prior to release. Thanks much
  2. Aloha my old friends! I'm still kicking here. Computer is fried so no online gaming available. Hernia surgery last Feb went great. In hind-site if anyone else has a surgery like that please start walking as soon as possible instead of sitting on your arse. When you get back to work you will be happy you did. Anyway I've been in the gym most the last year! Feeling good about myself and health. Ohh stated talking to a most wonderful Lady I met 4 years ago from Costa Rica! She will be moving here near July time ! Long live Dark Matters friends and family!
  3. Oh my I don't buy that much food in a month, let alone a single meal. But it is the right size for a Pittsburgh Tail Gate party!
  4. And that is how the "evilness" sucks you in! The Holosburger sure did!
  5. Hey hey folks, did I smell some horrendous cooking being done? Sling me a plate I got my fork ready!
  6. I feel your pain brother. Been working myself 6-7 days a week for almost 2 1/2 years now. In the last month we started getting Sundays off. Yay! Make sure you eat right and stay hydrated, it'll sneek up on you fast if you dont watch it. Hell set your watch and carry a snack or something in your tool pouch if ya have to. Good luck Uncle Knuckles!
  7. Well said. Wiki is what it is, a vast source of information. Spoiler or not the person that uses this info still needs to "run" the build and use the info intelligently to gain an upper hand.
  8. 2+2= That's why I love this game. The math is awesome!
  9. hey hey good to see ya ryan!. I'm also back to playing after work. Usually that mean not a soul is around to team up on a server but hey If there be anyone around 11:00 pm Eastern. I'm online every night again.
  10. Aloha and Welcome. Lovin the responses from all the family here. No Haters -R- Us = DarkMatters. Welcome to a new Home!
  11. Going online. Gimme a shout and I'll come down to any level..... going to get one more level on my Draaken then switch.
  12. Sounds like a great cause. Can you make me a bust of this?
  13. With 5 kids in the house I would think for you and your wide to get put for a nice long weekend. All marriages and the Family need it!
  14. You got it Gogo! I'll use this as a reward when I loose another 10 pounds. Just so I can gain and loose it again.
  15. OMG! I will be ordering one of these when the funds permit. Awesomeness at its best... and delivered to your door! Priceless!
  16. Well, first the only issue here is that the SW cannot be a shopper. No Bargaining skill but he can take Riding, Blacksmith, or "that other skill noone uses". That being said the second tier is Enhance Perception. This the SW is awesome at. And you could easily drop the last 2 skills of Combat Discipline and Damage lore to put a first tier skill and then Enhanced Perception in.
  17. ok bud. I'll be here. I was going to go down in flames with you but got disconnected.
  18. ACCKKK. I disconnected at the Abashi compound... trying to get in server It shows that your statis is.... Dead. Say it isn't so
  19. Sweet just decided to post here as well. Laundry time btw.
  20. Woe is me.... Where be me Socks......
  21. ok, I got all the pictures done. No thanks to the Hansen Brothers, stupid skellies are good at holding swords bad at clicking a camera. Next best option was to bribe a kobald, No one else was dumb enough to go into a dragons lair. Only kobald I could find that didn't run away was the Chef, and he would only take pics if the Hansen Brothers would take a bath "wink wink" in this huge cauldron of "water". I gave him a definite yes to that. Not only can't the Boys take pictures but during this conversation, they were supposed to be watching my back, they are off running down the hill after some s
  22. I love it. The sweeping lines, and pointy edges.... Like old school Elven Armor ...... ugh Title of the book still eludes me.
  23. LoL, Cider Steve.... thanks for the laugh!
  24. Well for starters read through ALL of THIS! That should get your appetite going. Remember that its OK to start a "toon" 5-6 times. Get started and as you play through you can and will make mistakes / learn what might be a better idea. Ask specific questions, and enjoy the experience of the play! Are you playing on SP or in HC Closed net servers? If in HC Closed-Net I could meet up with you to talk you though some of this. I am available most all day.... after I get some sleep that is...
  25. Hey hey Uncle Knuckles... Sorry I didn't see this before... Sign me up! I have never played it before but have heard stories of the fun the guys have had doing it.
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