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  1. "Der Wartungsmodus ist aktiv" means "site is in maintenance mode" that is all that is said at: http://www.unbended.zone/?lang=en either google translate is failing me, or they gave up?
  2. I can't believe I've been playing all this time without realizing I could name my characters! I wanted to name them! but I didn't realize that field was editable, wow, silly me. I'll just make a character named mule for set items! and use him to keep them, they're not old set items at a low level but higher level set items for the wrong class, like my dryad finding a high level seraphim or shadow warrior set item despite those characters being relatively unplayed.
  3. yeah, I guess I can do that going forward, although since I've NOT done it already I guess that means there's no fast and easy way, but I guess if I just make sure to do this in the future everything will be fine... right now my stash is full of random set items I'm saving, I guess I should make a mule character... empty the shared stash and start putting things into shared stash that I mean to sell... good tip. I wish I could name my characters so it'd be easier to tell which one was a mule though.... I wouldn't want to accidentally delete a mule with tons of high level set items becau
  4. anyone know how to run two copies with steam? steam keeps telling me I can't... yet I've done this for mules in other games before.... like borderlands... so I know sometimes it's possible.
  5. The characters I'm not shopping with have tons of gold, my shoppers have very little... but it doesn't seem like I can put gold into my stash? what's the best way to siphon gold between characters?
  6. my two highest level characters are actually TG and dryad which explains why I was a bit surprised my 3rd character inquisitor didn't have such an item, oh well, he's still pretty cool!
  7. the temple guardian though gets the battery? right? which can have sockets? then again I guess dual wield is something the temple guardian cannot take at all, whereas it's something the inquisitor almost has to take.. I guess what I was wondering is if there was some sort of battery type of item the inquisitor could equip, like a fetish or something but I guess that's not how sacred works and I've played too many other arpgs.
  8. is there anyway for an inquisitor to wield two items at once in their weapon set slots without the dual wield skill? it seems every other class can? does this make dual wield a must have for any inquisitor shopper build? having to take staff lore and dual wield both and shopping really feels like it's gonna limit the build?
  9. I'm looking to play a lost fusion temple guardian in ice and blood but I don't already have a shopper/smith... clearly I could drop EP for one of them, but what other skill can I drop for the other?
  10. when a PR group goes from releasing tidbits to total blackout silence? it means they're planning to release a bad game everyone will hate and they're hoping to keep it quiet and release quite a few copies anyways. if a team is going to redesign a game to meet the fans desires? they're going to want to stay in touch so that hype can by build by word of mouth.
  11. it's for a darting assault dryad, and it's not for the console version, I don't even consider that version to exist! anyways I don't need the guide! I just need the question answered! which 9th and which 10th skill do I take? in no particular order these are my skills: - Tactics Lore - Concentration - Capricious Hunter Focus - Nature Weaver Focus - Combat Reflexes - Ranged Weapons - enhanced perception - bargaining now these 4skills are the ones I know my build could use because putrescine says so! but I can only take 2out of 4 of them.. honestly I on
  12. nah, pretty sure this was before I'd even HEARD the game could be played on a console, furthermore, it was for putrescines' style of dryad who would used darting assault and ravaging impact and no viperish disease at all
  13. my problem with it now is that'd take me like 5shots with it to kill 1enemy :-/ I guess I should be boosting intelligence instead of stamina?
  14. maybe I just have too high a cooldown on it... does it have a fast casting animation if you get the cooldown down to like 0.3seconds? or does it basically take 1.0seconds no matter what?
  15. I'm level 27 and I've got it fully modified with ricochet ricochet ice bullets and I've got a +2 to all combat arts sword I'm holding to power it up... well... it does a third of the damage the sword would on a single swing... and while a third times three would be decent... the ricochets seem to have the worst possible ai and usually just ricochet the wrong direction and hit nothing! the only way to make sure all 3hits land it to fire into a clump of enemies, but in that case wouldn't spears/fiery/icy/furious be a better area effect spell to use? I came over from playing a darting
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