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  1. Yes, you can freely switch from offline single player or couch coop to online multiplayer. PC players can do the same thing but only on open net. Closed net PC characters must be made on closed net (but can be exported to single player with the Ice and Blood expansion).
  2. The rune consumed count no longer resets if you eat too many runes in patch 2.65.1. Unfortunately the expansion is not currently planned to come to either console.
  3. Welcome! Always good to find another Sacred 2 lover.
  4. I have this same problem. There is a minor slowdown in performance that I have noticed before the freeze up occurs that I use to warn me that a lockup is about to occur. I have never had this bug happen to me in SP mode even with extended play. It often occurs for me when I activate the world map (although a region change can do the same thing). I think I just check my map a lot for some reason for teleporting and such. The bug seems to occur for me equally often in free mode or campaign mode but less often if I am playing on the previously established permanent servers.
  5. Welcome to Sacred 2 and the forum. Hope you are having fun!
  6. Oh Noes! Sorry for your loss Furian. I am going to be leveling up a smith soon myself (Temple Guardian of course) if you need a buddy for your reincarnation.
  7. I think what you are seeing is just a slowdown in the progression of the development of your character. Leveling at high levels is a much slower process and the quality of gear that you will find is based on your character level. Because you are remaining the same level for a longer period of time you are seeing much more gear drop that is appropriate for that level. The gear will continue to improve as you make your way closer to level 200.
  8. Works with all temples except for one located "inside" a cave on the dryad isle.
  9. Going to the dashboard during a save in single player is also known to have a chance to corrupt your save file.
  10. Sorry to hear about your loss. Hopefully you will come back to the game after a break or have fun in a new game. I have my xbox 360 and PC connected to a surge protector that also serves as a temporary power supply if the power goes out. For some reason my power is really shakey during electrical storms and I don't want to end up with corrupt save files since autosaving is so ubiquitous (and useful) these days.
  11. Not if you play multiplayer on closed net. There are actually many more cheaters on console than on closed net servers. Unless you know something that I don't this would take a REALLY long time with any quest in bronze. The use of VD in that way was removed in the PC version and is considered an exploit at this point by many. Of course there is nothing wrong with the way that you play, do what is fun for you. My hunch is that if another patch was released for consoles then high level socketing in low level gear and the VD exploit would have been removed from the game thoug
  12. Time for my impression of the dial-up connecting sounds! Ga-doing, Gadoing, Gadoing RaaaaaAAAAAArrrrrrRRRRRaaaaAAAArrrrr Then as soon as you get connected someone picks up the phone in the other room and you get disconnected while loading the first webpage. You will be missed Antitrust, Come back to us soon. No one handles the trolls on SIF better than you do!.
  13. Yay a gold star! *puts gold star into collection of shinies. Sorry about the big word; been spending all of my time studying for my qualifying exam. You should see how crazy my wife gets when I use all my new science/medical words or her.
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