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  1. The award ceremony for the contest will be live streamed on the 20th (in 3 days) at 18:00 CET on http://wndevcontest.wnhub.io. I have been invited to join the studio, so you may see my live reaction.
  2. We actually made it into the finals of the WN Dev Contest. Now we really need your help. If you want to support our project, please vote for us on the contest once per day. No registration required. Just click the link and give us a thumbs up. You can vote once every 24h. This is the last round and we have the chance to win a lot of stuff which can help the project a lot. From actual money, to investment proposals from publishers to custom software licenses to services from many companies like marketing. So please, help us out, vote and also share it with everyone you know. https://wndevcontest-games.wnhub.io/1313
  3. If it was sealed (as the listing claims) I guess that's just it. There is really no reason for the seller to remove anything and reseal it. Sacred isn't exactly a collectors item which goes for a chunk of money. Sacred Plus was relatively late in the Sacred Classic release cycle and may be even sold as a budget title to get more people to buy the upcoming Underworld expansion, which didn't came much later, if I remember correctly. Plus was a free content patch for Sacred classic.
  4. After some time, some updates about the project: We have made it into the semifinals of the WN Dev Contest and are currently competing for the finals. We are very proud, we didn't expect to get that far and maybe we even get further. The contest even lead to a publisher reaching out to us and is interested in a cooperation. We will send them the prototype, once we are happy with it, and they will evaluate it for a financing proposal. But what makes us even more proud is that GameStar covered LifeLeech with a big article including a interview video with me. Unfortunately the complete article is reserved to their premium subscribers but it is a very positive article and since it has gone online, more and more people join us on Discord. GameStar is the biggest german gaming magazine and has 1,3m subscribers on youtube! The whole thing came kind of unexpected, especially how big the article is and how positive it is. And we have to thank one member of our community who actually reached out to GameStar to tell them about LifeLeech. This is the article, german only: https://www.gamestar.de/artikel/lifeleech-denkt-kaempfe-in-action-rollenspielen-voellig-neu,3368753.html
  5. Have have made it into the quarterfinals of WN Dev Contest and are now competing for a spot in the semifinals. It would help us a lot if you would vote for us on the contest website: https://wndevcontest-games.wnhub.io/1313 Registration is not required. You can hit thumb up once per day. A list of all games in the quarterfinals is here: https://wndevcontest-games.wnhub.io/?page=1
  6. Another development progress update: Also you can now download the new public build on our Discord server.
  7. Way to early. ^^ Performance isn't great, so having a good rig helps. We did improve performance with the contest build (which is not yet public) and made it prettier at the same time, but I still recommend not lower than a GTX960. Otherwise you have to drop down settings. CPU and RAM should not be that important.
  8. We prepared a trailer pitch for a contest, we submitted our project to.
  9. To download the very first public demo build, join our Discord: https://discord.gg/9NCRNpE
  10. Some multiplayer footage of the project and thought about the year and the next year. At 11:30 there are some very old screenshots from the very beginning of the project.
  11. Our next progress update. Finally showing you dungeons! I promised for so long to show you how we imagine dungeons and here is a first look. Also showing you some new enemies and enemy abilities.
  12. Yes it did. We want the game to be gory and brutal but still have bright overworld environments. That's something Sacred inspired.
  13. And another progress update. Showcasing new gore system, rain weather and much more.
  14. I think the most important parts are that we got one guy making custom 3D models for us and he is very productive. He made all the house interior models in a pretty short time. He also reworked the day-night cycle and added moving cloud shadows. Other than that, we mostly progressed our ability and item system. As showcased by the new abilities we can have protective covers in specific arc's and we can not only attack with the weapon but also with the shield. There was a lot of internal work required to make this work. But it turned out nicely and the functionalities will be needed for more abilities to come. Also you see in the video an empty minimap, that's because it's currently reimplemented by another coder and will use prerendered texture tiles instead of taking a live render from above. And btw. we could really need a 2D artist to redesign the UI. If anyone is interested, just join our discord and write to us.
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