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  1. Hey Dobs, yeah it's not the same without closed, tried Sacred 2 a few years back again but the magic was gone from what little SP I played.
  2. Keep up the great work on this amazing project of yours, Flix!
  3. Monks seems to be a common choice for botting chars on hacked accounts, even though DH's are the most used class for that speciific purpose atleast when going for a longterm setup. http://www.diabloprogress.com/rating.stat_elite_kills
  4. Nasty stuff, good thing that you sorted it out in the end. Let me guess, atleast one of those chars on the EU servers was a monk?
  5. I only got one question, and as the alpha is unplayable for me I have no idea if the game contains it already, if not: Are there plans of introducing Flail weapons later on?
  6. Sadly enough the game is ruined for me after the last patch, the game ran smoothly yesterday without any crashes at all, and today it crashes non stop, disapointing stuff.
  7. Great game, had a lot of fun with it yesterday.
  8. Liked what I saw when playing the alpha a lot, but unfortunately I've got some issues regarding very low FPS even though I turn everything down or completely off, and that the lower part of the screen is cut off so I don't fully see what I've put in my quicklsots.
  9. Hey there, and welcome! I remember you indeed from the forums back when it was active.

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