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  1. Thank you SX255 for your helpful posts I love LF as a backup to DG ...it fills in the gaps very nice with the range options I think I will go with haft weapons , LF lore and combat dis or EP once again thank you for the replys
  2. the CA's I use most dedicated blow and deathly spears ....archimedes beam for long range and jolting touch for the bosses for Area of Effect I use a combo of Fiery & Icy then top it off with charged grid for buff's its T-shroud and combat aura
  3. I started a TG about a week ago the skills I have are DG focus armor lore tactics lore sw focus concentration at 18 I will take WEL and then LF focus but im stuck on the last 3 skills I was thinking weapon lore - constitution or combat discipline not sure ....any tips would be welcome
  4. I was level 20 the first time .....I just beat him at level 28 I found tinworas curse .. and lowered my regen times with slots
  5. im using that magic staff novels (don't know how you spell it) with CAs Maelstrom + Destroyer and Energy blaze + GoW
  6. I had started a DM ( 3 aspect ) got to level 17 and stated over I went with pure elemental/mentalism with one buff RoP skills mental & elemental focus and lore shield and armor lore with ancient magic im level 28 in silver last 3 skills would by constitution combat dis and toughness the problem is Bosses ..Wow (I did the kobold chief and he smashed me like a bug) the build has no damage and I think I need to start over will this build make it to gold ? did I give up on the first one to soon ? is the familiar buff a must for the DM ? thanks for any help
  7. so I pre-ordered sacred 2 for the 360 ..I played for a long long time before I quit just got ice & blood for the PC ...this game is just as fun as ever I love the CM patch ....im Glad to be playing again
  8. Edit: Except for dedicated as the other levels will have highlighted map that will not be undone for bronze, survivalist would also not count if you died on other levels. If you really want to grab those trophies try a really tough char like seraphim or Shadow Warrior on Bronze first. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- yes that is SUPER EZ to use a Shadow Warrior on Bronze.... I did it that way simple Shadow Warrior with 2 buff's RE & GR
  9. hmm.. no you don't need to destroy anything but the leech thing stinks you can got fight him and see if you do so much damage he has no time to leech but I don't know.. good luck I hope you can get rid of your tag alongs
  10. I had no idea this was news to people I got the game on the 360 the day it came out I did'nt take long for players to figure this trick out that is why they are duping the level 20 sabers with + 102 all skills in them (for there low level players) another big dupe they like on the 360 is a level 20 saber with +60% experience ---------------------------------- also many legit players (I've done it) boost ther low level players with high level sockets to save time (but it can make the game to EZ)
  11. im right with you... my Inquisitor is AS with GI as backup & Boss killer im following the eye of the storm v2.0 build for the most part I use IS + DS and then CE bosses drop like flys level 66 in orc land on plat diff I must say I was in shock by the killing power of CM+RT+LA
  12. this is a rare glitch on the 360-- I posted about it on GameFaqs so did KoreMega heres what I know about it with me its mostly 1 toon that suffers from it so bad I dont play that seraphim anymore only happens to gear the toon has on before I quit using that toon I would check her inv after starting any game I stoped using that toon & my other toon's have not had it happen yep (cross's fingers)
  13. I play on the 360 I did scorp run's to get my 2 star head I used buffs (SP+Pet) attacks (Vines+BC & TT+RI) took about 9 or 10 run's
  14. sometimes I have problems like that but only on the RT+A or LT+B (on the 360) some Combat Arts like RN for the HE don't always work for me if I have them sloted to trigger + face button so I move them to just a face button if I can
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