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  1. ok thanks Schot but it didn't work for about 2 days but then on the 3rd day I traded with a friend to test it and it worked
  2. hello all, I'm new to this forum and thank god ive found it im quite new to sacred 2 but currently have level 42 shadow warrior playing silver 0 deaths. I used this brilliant trick Schot and it worked like a charm but of course I didn't get a set item everytime I killed the white griffin by the way I only did it with white griffin, too lazy to go to kefferath castle and active the portal .(By the way I play on PS3). I got about 6 set items in 30 minutes too and all for my class... ...But one problem since I started using this trick, I can no longer trade , everytime a friend attempts to request a trade it says that he is not allowed to trade to me and im not allowed to trade to him and the problem isn't with him because I tried trading with a couple of friends but unfortunately same result. By the way Schot can I please have a build similar to your high elf I'm thinking of creating an elf .
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