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  1. I can try it'd be even easier to draw it with pencil as I don't have to worry what I'd do if something went bad (ink is bad, rly). As soon as I get home I'll take a piece of paper and I'll think of it.
  2. nooooo... it's 99th page of my favourite thread and everyone just ingore it? how is that possible? Finntroll - Under Varje Rot Och Sten means - Under Every Root and Stone
  3. Well, I've got here on DM whole thread with my drawings, plus a site on DeviantArt (link in my sig), if you'd like to see them Consider your sig - I haven't tried anything like that yet, but I can try to make something.
  4. Spider web has some sybmolic meanings indeed. But I don't like to make things that I draw obvious (hoooow could you read those spoilers! ) so I'm not going to talk about them unless you will analyse them by yourself.
  5. what language is calamari? I suppose it's Italian or Spanish... something like that.
  6. Knuckles: well, the 3rd owl and UFO might be hard to find due to low quality of the photo. 3rd owl is and the UFO is . And yes, there is my sig in the right upper corner There's also that face you noticed - part of the Nightmare Whisperer. ps. I usually draw with both hands. Some elements (like knotwork) is easier to draw with right hand but some others (e.g. clouds, trees and hair sometimes) I draw with left one. But mostly I use right one. pss. Hehe, I should mention also that I'm doing everything not to be bored 24/day but it's quite obvious when you see my site Gogo: sure I will. Just don't read these spoilers above
  7. Ah, well, 3 owls, a man on the Moon and UFO.
  8. noone's interested in finding easter eggs, Sacred players? Awww.
  9. Waah, finished at last. Now I'm gonna train drawing landscapes, I still have big problems with them. The title is "Nodream Gooddream Baddream". Whole drawing contains many easter eggs, you know I've got a higher resolution that may help you to find them. http://i340.photobucket.com/albums/o350/me...at/IMG_0666.jpg Hehe, I laughed a lot when I saw the number of that photo.
  10. Gogo, that's my favourite part of pizza with frutti di mare topping, which is my favourite as well
  11. Gogo, I haven't eaten lunch yet, you make me hungry! I love cuttle fish. Well, I love fish in general. And you know, your Cthulhu has some undefinied cuttle fishy thing... o.O
  12. But isn't this Cthulhu cute?^ ^ Didn't expect it'd be so cool to draw this avatar. Loco, I usually prefer green/blue/black colours (all those 'forest' ones, if I can say that), but besides I love the combination of red and black as well. And I think it's just perfect for creations like this one
  13. Only paper, black and red ink, Gogo, nothing else It was really funny to draw this one and I have to say quite relaxing also
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