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  1. Haha lol lmao really gogo I meant on the forum but omg lol off topic: Sacred 3 working title. regards speed Haha lol lmao really gogo I meant on the forum but omg lol off topic: Sacred 3 working title. regards speed
  2. Ballacks. I searched it on the wiki before I did the post. oh well nvm. But I have noticed you haven't put on blind guardian 2h and drumstick dagger lol. I know I didn't find them but I beat the wiki! Ysandril's law? You got that? anyway thanks for letting me know regards speed p.s what are the stars for underneath the names?
  3. I think Boneslicer is overrated and broken, since I got a level 50 boneslicer and a level 45 Flamesmitter dual wielding SW and the flamesmitter (3*) did more damage. So I can't be bothered to spend half an hour doing a long tedious quest when I could spend 30 mins farming and get better swords. sorry but it is the way it is regards speed
  4. I found an Ancrid's blade yesterday. It has a grey, a bronze, a silver and a gold socket. I can't remember the mods but it was a dagger and did a slight amount of poison damage, I found it at level 80. regards speed
  5. My first char had the same problem, except I seemed to trade all my gear and it saved crashed, then I rebooted to find that I had 0 gold and a level 63 Sw with no gear. The guy I was trading with must have got it all. Im using NEtgear as well and im at the other end of the house and I have 98% signal strength!! regards speed
  6. I know you can't make a Dual wield build that duals pistols, but you can make one that uses a 2H energy gun. regards speed
  7. Psn: xSpeedheart123x Sw light campaign level 65 also play killzone2, and MW2 when it comes out! regards speed
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