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  1. Agree, ranged or spells on consoles > melee. BFG > everything .... Melee targetting on consoles = big suck.
  2. Spending attribute points does not make you earn more attribute points on level up. Each character class earns a set amount of attribute points in each stat (that are automatically distributed) and some that can be freely distributed at levelup regardless of whether the attribute points you are free to distribute from previous levels have been spent or not. Thus, if you compare a character who spends every point in vitality after each levelup to a character who never spends attribute points until level 200 and then adds all their points to vitality, the 2 characters will have the same amount of points in vitality (and other attributess).
  3. Whats the RM mega kill thingy? OOOh really, one shot per foe? That would be pretty cool. Does it work on console? Do you need extra hit chance from speed lore?
  4. I think its like item colors. Yellow modifiers are considered "rare" and blue "magic". The game designers probably consider the yellow modifiers to be "better modifiers" than the blue ones.
  5. Cabalistic Voodoo Lore doesn't raise dmg of Viperish Disease.
  6. Viperish disease is really not all its cracked up to be. I tried this Combat Art once and was very dissapointed, even with the "exploit" on consoles.
  7. There are no shields with 3 gold sockets as far as I know. Dual wielding officers sabers will give you more socket, which can be nice if you're trying to make a bargaining suit for example. Sword + shield is very nice for caster builds indeed and is generally more defensive than wielding 2 weapons.
  8. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but to my understanding the three things you mentioned are all that effect the items offered. Just because you have a skill selected or even mastered doesn't mean the rings/ammys a merchant has available are going to be more likely to pertain to that skill. That is why whenever you go to a merchant, half of the rings/ammys there in no way pertain to your skill set. I just wanted to make sure that I didn't need ARMOR LORE to get things like MITIGATION damage on armor at the merchant. I am still debating starting my shopper/VD dryad over and somehow getting ARMOR LORE into that build.... however, not 100% positive I really need it since all I really do is run around the desert trying to avoid conflict! LOL You do need armor lore mastery to unlock damage mitigation bonuses on some high level rare armor. Having the armor lore skill will not affect whether these items will appear at the merchant or not but if you do not have the armor lore mastery skill, you will not be able to see how much damage mitigation comes from these high level pieces of armor and as a result you will not know how good they are(!). I find armor lore to be a very helpful skill and I generally try to master it early.
  9. Here are 3 Celestial magic builds in the seraphim section: Sariel: Invincible Flying Tankmage Thong Princess StiCk's ALL Magic Seraphim Sacred 2 Guide - Celestial Technobabe by soldats If you want a BFG build, There are also some BFG builds in the seraphim guide section. If you want to mainly use your weapon as a primary source of damage, consider using celestial magic as a support aspect only (pick only the focus skill in this case). If you want to use magic as your primary source of damage, I would advise you pick a one-handed weapon (with lots of sockets like an officer's saber) and shield for the extra defense from the shield (consider picking shield lore in this case also as one of your defensive skills) - obviously no weapon skill is used in this case.
  10. Jump into the world of wiki contributors loco, much more fun on this side
  11. Agree that BFG seraphim is a great fun character for starters and leveling can be done quite fast. Pyromancer elves are also very fun and can level very fast. Just make sure you have enough protection so you aren't too squishy . It gets to be a problem especially in niob, its not really too much of an issue before.
  12. there are supposedly very low level fist weapons that exist or existed in console versions. I think there's a pic on the wiki somewhere.
  13. PM Gogo or schot for editing permission on the wiki.
  14. There is a very big difficulty boost between plat and niob which is why you will need very good defense/armor/reflection/Mitigation/hitpoints/energy shield or divine protection levels at that point. If you want to construct a dual wield seraphim with no bargaining ON CONSOLES, I would build it like this: -Tactics Lore (character level til 75) -Warrior Focus -Dual Wield -Rev tech FOCUS (Divine protection levels - mod for capacity, boost and Combat Art Block ASAP and then pump those divine protection runes forever....) -Armor lore -Concentration -Warding Energy Lore -Constitution -Toughness - Open - Suggest: Combat Discipline Mod battle stance for hit chance. Actually, chain-castable divine protection is about all the defense you'll need on console but the other defensive skills are nice and will certainly help. I would use only battle stance buff for the most part. The concentration is there to help with the regen times in the early game. Divine protection duration got nerfed in PC version 2.40 because the developers decided it was too powerful with the capacity and boost mods... So its too bad not to take advantage of its power on console versions where it is not nerfed at all unless you want to intentionally make the game harder. If you want bargaining, drop concentration and the last skill for EP and bargaining and get them early. I can't justify sword weapons for only unlocking sword modifiers or speed lore for only hit chance. You'll have plenty of defensive power with the skills above and run speed is easy to get from gear and chain-castable dashing alacrity makes it a non-issue anyway. You can get lots of hit chance from the dual wield skill and from battle stance mods. Combat Arts: - Dashing + Divine protection combo - Soul Hammer + Pelting Combo - Divine protection alone - Dashing alone This could easily be made into a 2-handed build by subbing either polearms or sword weapons for dual wield. Polearms would be the better choice in this case due to the types of polearms available. ... but I'd rather have a BFG since I find melee targetting on consoles to be very annoying. My console BFG build in my guide.
  15. There is a very big difficulty boost between plat and niob which is why you will need very good defense/armor/reflection/Mitigation/hitpoints/energy shield or divine protection levels at that point.
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