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  1. considering how deep silver seems to be friging up the pc version I don't even know if I would want it even if came out. sorry but I think I am putting deep silver on a my black list
  2. gottat say I do enjoy DAO, although not perfect (ranged combat really needs to be patched, it's too weak) I love it ! that said I still run into the problems that I had with sacred 2, what talents/skills should I take ! p.s it seems duel wielding is popular in dao as it is in sacred... I too am playing a warrior although I'm sorta testing out two handed weapon talents as well
  3. no I don't but I did read somewhere on the offical forums that it had been fixed, hmm I'll go look...
  4. if you turn on damage text you can try comparing the damage of a single ca not in a slot, with one that is in a slot . by the way does anyone nknow how CD damage in increase is to all combart arts work ? it says +74 at level one but it only increase the damage by a small amount.
  5. well if you live in the UK, the skill is fixed, otherwise, from what I have tested this and from what I have heard...no, there are no benefits from the skill blacksmithing prices do not decrease, you can't put an necklace or amulets etc in a lower slot, etc. this really grinds me since I will ge all these cool items but have to pony up over 200 grand to slot them...each I mean no offense to ascaron (who personally I believe would have fixed the issue sooner or later ) but why put a skill into the game when it does not even do anything ? sigh, whatever my best advice is to save up your gold, because sloting will be very expensive later on. p.s bartering does not seem reduce the smithing cost either it seems to only reduce the cost to buying from vending which is kinda a moot point since the quality of items is greatly increased,but so is the prices. p.p.s sorry for sounding depressing I still love this game despite the rather aggravating issues it has.
  6. Pots do not take up space in the inventory on consoles. Well they take up one "point" of space per potion type but you can put as many potions as you want of that type for only inventory space unit. Oddly, even though each potion does not have individual weight you cannot pick up additional potions if your inventory is full (wierd huh). On PC I cannot hold "infinite" potions and I have to decide how many to hold in my inventory. I go with 5 stacks (4 full stacks and my partial for potions I am picking up) of the strongest type for the current character. 80-100 potions has been more than enough for me so far. I keep one stack of each other type of potion except mentors which I tend to stockpile and use only in the areas that give the best experience. true on the console I'll often have a few hundred, it's rediculous how common they are and with the take everything buttion it makes it worse. also they are worth next to nothing, were as when buying them they are over a thousand , I really wish the buy/sell factor was more balanced, for instance, an item that costs a million is only worth a few hundred thousand gold, then again, why would I sell a rare ? lol
  7. ahh finally the mystery of the golden jock strap has been lifted and so does the mystery of the lthletic shoes and short shorts. But what about the other characters ? I've seen a few for the inquisitor, temple guardian and the high elf, but that may take forever and from what I have seen some models only unlock if you have bargaining
  8. Personally I am more piffed about the lack of info for the xbox 360 patch it's ridiculous, now, I'm not blaming ascaron they did their best and most likely would have had a patch for the game, they weren't out solely for there own interest. I'm mad at deep silver because they are giving little to no info on if there is going to be a patch, sure they say that "external developers are handling it". but who the f@#$ are the external developers, and if so, when are we actually going to see it? personally that statement seems like a loaded answer for "it's someone else s job, and it's up to them whether the really want to bother with patching the game". on top of it all deep silver is totally not working with CDTV which handles the north American version, and what to we get ? a complete and utter mess.
  9. well that should solve any confusions/dash hopes , I just hope some sort of patch comes out one day That's the same statement they've always given for the addon & the consoles, just no-one really believed them... I know hence why I put it as bold, so everybody lets say it again one more time just one..more...time thank you, this has been a public service announcement from your friendly neighbor elderago elderago pointing out the obvious since well he started pointing out the obvious
  10. no reply sad.. anyways here is a real quick one please, PLEASE don't make foliage a form of wall/barrier it is very annoying running to a quest area and thinking your almost there only to find out that an entire area is covered by the impassable wall of trees, thus having to try and find one of those (sometimes) obscured roads that you ventured off (it's even more annoying on the consoles since we have to constantly open the world map), also not only is it annoying to be unable to go through those walls of trees, it also makes the game feel rather confined. I love sacred 2 , but trees are meant to look good, not be some sort of magical barrier that gets in your way and somehow block all Combat Arts .e blazing tempest ,which really should burn the trees but we are getting a bit to technical here.
  11. well that should solve any confusions/dash hopes , I just hope some sort of patch comes out one day
  12. I voted for the class and it's quest although I doubt the US will ever see it, still it would be nice. personaly I just would like to be able to use blacksmith
  13. dglore. meant tactics lore it was becoming more of a chore, LF has no real Area of Effect attacks, it's best used as a secondary aspect p.s jolting touch + dedicated blow is a very effective combo against bosses/champions
  14. after much testing I've decided to scrap the idea for now no mass area of effect= extreme difficulty and constant dying, I'll just settle with a devout warden build with a few Combat Arts from lost fusion.
  15. after 7 attempts I have come up with a possible build, here are the skills (in no particuler order) enhanced perception barter armer lf lore lf focus dg focus dg lore warding energy lore weapon lore concentration uncertain that's the easy part, but from what I found there are two major problems with this build, whatr skills to you take first and more importantly ca mods, the only easy ca to mod is battle alert (which would be defense-reflect melee-permanent), the others I'm not so sure about. Then we have one final issue, while this build would be a boss killer, mobs could easily take you down sure you have three attacks too rely on (DS, FB and AD) but none of them have the range of the burning embers/icy evanescence. anyway to wrap this up what do you TG experts think does this build seem possible ? and if so what skills should I take first. P.S this is being done on the 360 so jolting touch is still bugged ... thanks ! Edit: after some careful testing I realized my main flaw, I was trying to be ranged AND melee at the same time, after restarting I've found that if you stick to melee and use AB and AD as sniping and then going melee it works out much better, still testing though. also Gogo, could you pleas merge this into my other discussion I don't want to be making to many duplicate threads
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