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  1. I'd be interested in knowing too, I almost ALMOST got back into it but as gogo said..the fleet saves were enough to ruin one's life
  2. Awww cut me some slack Schot, it was in the "game days" sale bin for $20
  3. Just thought I'd say hello to any old faces and all the new ones lurking/inhabiting these pages. I think it's been over a year since I gave up drugs(o-crack that is). Everyone was quitting or giving up accounts so I did the unthinkable: set vacay mode and never came back, kinda sad when I think about my ol uni9 account ranked 19th at the time and my uni36 I was 8th. It was okay..I went through withdrawals, I spent nights crying myself to sleep but I trudged along. Anyways my apologies for dropping off the face of the earth, but I'm back, and guess what I bought today? SACRED 2 for my PS3. I knew as soon as I came home I had to logon to darkmatters(well after a lil password recovery-finding out what old email I had when I registered, then send it there) HEY better late than never right? Yeah, I thought you guys would be proud. Now if you'll excuse me im gunna root around here and see what you all have been upto P.S. Gogo are you at 1,000,000 posts yet? P.S.S. Does anyone still play ogame? P.S.S.S. Back in my day we ruled this place...I was happy to see this benchmark still hanging out at the bottom: Most users ever online was 197 on Apr 4 2008, 04:54 PM P.S.S.S.S. Thank God my favorite smiley guy is still here:
  4. I dunno who's still out there other than gin playing...my uni9 acct was finally deleted after not longing in for the month but I still play uni36. ANYWAYS..is anyone having trouble logging in? I cant login to ogame, the boards, or any other back route into it.
  5. Glad to see this thread pop-up again. Speaking of dill pickle chips-anyone ever have dill pickle Doritos? Weird but okay tasting, nothing I'd buy on a regular basis. I've only seen them in specialty food stores...I think imported from Canada(my northern neighbor) And speaking of Canada, my friend and I used to sneak up to his dad's cabin and go drinkin(legal age is 19 there) and we'd always buy snacks...among which were KETCHUP flavored Lay's potato chips and KETCHUP Doritos. Ever have those? You Crazy Canucks ;-)
  6. It's ridonculous! He's right uni9 is dead but that thrill was a F'in big one. I cannot believe he took down what was considered a fleet invincible account(at least for the bulk of the time I was actively playing)
  7. Wow Darkmatters has more people than any ogame uni I play
  8. Damn! I've been in vacay for months in 9(and dropped 4 ranks ) and looks like I missed quite a bit. Im sorry ta see the greats peacing out. I gotta be honest I myself have been thinking of bowing out...in uni36 my mines are 1 level away from uni9 and I have no fleet to worry about so I just play that uni passively. The only people I really know that play 9 are gin and yaga it seems . Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ta think back to the days when ike and gogo were running around and even my buds omgstuff and master of the nuts were mixing it up. Sweet memories.
  9. Aw man I gotta go to Holland for Chicken Tonight? Darn it! I forgot a huge one: Cheez Balls- The Planter's can of cheese doodle like balls were my favorite growing up!
  10. So I was sitting around and suddenly I was struck with an overwhelming craving for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pie from Hostess which was only made in 1991. It was just like a regular Hostess fruit pie but was green(naturally) and was filled with vanilla pudding. Ho mama did I love those things. This lead me on an internet search for them which lead to http://www.x-entertainment.com/articles/0898/ Great webpage about a guy on his search for the elusive pies and if theyd ever be heard of again. Anyways, this got me thinking about other great foods/drinks I miss in no specific order: O'Boises: potato chips made by Keebler. These salty bubbly chips were always a treat. Pizzarias: chips also made by Keebler. Kinda like Doritos but with a pizza theme with different "toppings" or flavors Tato Skins: another Keebler chip. How could you let them all slip away Keebler? Damn it! I loved these chips that were made to look like little potatos and actually tasted like a baked potato Munchables: tasty snack crackers. The ranch ones were great but gave you horrible breath. Crystal Pepsi: Clear Pepsi? Genius...but discontinued after less than a year. Giggles: Nabisco sandwich cookies. vanilla/chcocolate between smiley faced cookies. First-Ade: A Gatorade knock off that came in a squeeze-bottle. Oreo-O's: Post's Oreo cereal that was just amazing. They later added marshmallows like Lucky Charms and then it sucked and then was discontinued. 3-D Pop-Tarts: It was basically an actual pastry/danish with filling in the middle 3-D Doritos: An unnecessary but tasty form of regular Doritos. Chicken Tonight: Made by Ragu it was kinda like a pasta sauce meant for chicken/casseroles. The commercials were the best. Idiotic people flapping their arms and singing "I feel like chicken tonight...like chicken tonight" Ecto-Cooler: Hi-C juice boxes marketed around the Ghostbusters/slimer time and lasted until 2001? How did they manage to market the product that far past Ghostbusters popularity? No one knows for sure Thunder Jets: Fruit Snacks with a jet fighter theme-the stealth bombers were my favorites. Shark Bites: Another fruit snack with, you guessed it, a shark theme...I think I liked the hammerheads. Do you remember these foods:) C'mon it's okay to admit you liked crystal pepsi. What things do you look to your cupboard for only to catch yourself wiping away a tear in memory off? Hey and you may be from a different country, but you gotta miss a native brand or maybe we have some of the same crap...er...food. Let's hear it people!
  11. Well let's see if we can get a little life into the uni36 section with a new alliance (my new buddues @ ChezAmis) and a few other familiars who still knock around these boards(I'm lookin at you yaga and blade). I figure we might as well post some mines and research since anyone can find that out with enough probes. All I seem to do nowadays is mine and I love it...no fleet to worry about and no need to endlessly hunt for potential targets to crash. Here's what I've got to show for it. MY MINES Metal: 33 33 33 32 33 32 33 32 32 Cystl: 29 29 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 Deut: 26 26 25 25 26 25 26 25 25 Solar: 0 25 25 29 25 25 25 24 24 Nanite: 4 4 4 3 4 3 3 3 3 As you can see I'm working to get all metal 33/crystal 29 and deut 26 as well as getting all nanites upto 4 since its beginning to take a damn long time for some of these mines. MY RESEARCH Espionage 12 Computer 11 Weapons 13 Shielding 13 Armor 13 Energy 12 Hyperspace T 8 Combustion 12 Impulse 9 Hyperspace 8 Laser 12 Ion 9 Plasma 7 IGRN 3 Expedition 7 No graviton try yet. I'd like to bump up the big 3(weapon/armor/shield) a level as well as the 3 engines...I love speedy cargoes So if anyone's around, or interested, or bored POST SOMETHING and we'll see what everyone's been doing...if not this'll be a very lonely topic that won't see any action till I bump it in a few months C'MON Fellas, and let's breath some life into the ogame section of darkmatters
  12. Aw I love good ol Darkmatters, thanks for the encouraging words! Oh and another recent note to show you who we're dealing with (the owner). The other day he was berating/yelling at a dishwasher whose 2 yr old daughter died suddenly...which he is aware of. This guy is pretty much evil.
  13. Sorry I haven't been around chappies...went home to BUffalo for a while then fell into one of those ruts...u know the kind. So here's the lowdown-I host/serve at this restaurant/bar in NYC. The owner... a motherf**** son of a **** bleepity bleep bleep came in on a Saturday while I was hosting. Nothing was really doing-nobody was coming or going and the phone wasn't ringing so I pretty much had nothing to do. Wouldn't you know he sits at a table 10 feet away that faces me and he just watches me for an hour drinking a beer. I give him a hello and nod and try to look like im doing something when there is...NOTHING...to do until he leaves. He says nothing to me the entire night and just sits there. Now we fast forward to the following Monday. The general manager gets a text from him saying that I have no personality, don't smile, and was rude to customers, and he doesn't want me hosting ever again. This might not have been a problem except that means I now only work 1 day a week serving...ONE! Owner background: loves to hate people. Has "fired" several people from bartending for the same reason (lack of personality/rude/etc), has wanted to fire female servers/bartenders because they got "bigger" after they were pregnant/gave birth and hates several other servers. He comes in very infrequently and when he does has no idea whats going on or what needs to be done. he has NO personality and everyone hates him(so you can see the irony of him saying ive got no personality) Perfect story to sum him up...I had to serve him and his girlfriend once...he ordered things that weren't on the menu(at his own restaurant mind you)...and they disappear upstairs into the office for a while...they comeback, eat...he leaves me a crappy tip...they leave. The manager then walks downstairs after having been in the office and says to me "how do I let him know that his girlfriend left her underwear upstairs" *insert barfing emoticon* So anyways here I am...a college grad in NYC in a recession broke as a joke. What do I do? I don't want to get a full time job cuz I still want to audition/do as much theatre as I can(being thats what I wanna do with my life) How the heck do I make money? Any ideas other than the lotto? Can I make money on the internet...I excel at video games, acting and making people laugh(the guy with no personality mind you)...not exactly like anyone's beating down my door to head up their sales team or run their software company with my Bacherlor of Arts degree. Ho hum. At least I can throw one hell of a pity party
  14. bah, friggin trigger-happy is what they r sometimes. I would like ta see what some of these go/sgo are like in RL(being that they have no o-power )
  15. Have fun, and take your time...NO really take your time and enjoy that vacay...ogame will always be here.......*waves* See ya *runs to put on points to catch up with that dastardly townbike fella*
  16. yeah there definately appeared to be a huge number of things that could turn out to be amazing. I think if you took all of these lofty ideas and transposed them on the original's gameplay...tweaked some of those annoying things(the unstoppable borg or other "random events" or how the cpu expanded 100x faster than u could) id be playing it for years...heck I still play the original from time to time...in fact, I might go play it now
  17. Thanks Katran-got it running aftre your instructions(looks like it was just a matter of what to click on aftre unzipping it-Doh!). It does look sharp but it does need a lot of work. I couldnt seem to really get into it-there wasnt much of a challenge or any danger. I easily and quickly colonized 5 systems and 3 of the 3 minor species I encountered became members in a few turns. I didn't encounter any major species and had no combat. I could see how if this closely mirrored the original it'd be a great game. I guess I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed that it gets some major attention.
  18. Whoa nice LF count and hit, keep those kinda thrompings coming!
  19. Did that happen before? One a those oopsidaisies:)
  20. just plain crazy business, I guess now we know why you were lookin for crystal
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