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  1. PS, I was wondering from you PC gamers if you have a "gaming mouse/mouse pad," and if so, what do you recommend?
  2. Nice, I was just thinking about getting Diablo 3 the other day.
  3. Hi guys, It's been, idk, probably 4 years? Can't believe my username was still there. I started playing Stronghold Kingdoms on Steam a couple months ago and its similarities to Ogame are pretty striking. It made me think about the good ol days of gogo, et al. I just wanted to say hi. I hope everyone is well.
  4. Yeah, I'm kind of confused about the percentages to a specific type of damage too. My friend told me that a "5% ice damage" item would transfer 5% of physical damage to ice damage rather than adding 5% ice damage on top of physical damage. Is this true? I guess I should go check it out in the wiki...
  5. You can all add me, too - gamertag= LOLMBToCOM I might not be on much in the next week, but I'm sure I'll be playing sacred 2 on and off for the rest of 2009. *edit* I've got my HE to level 32. my roommate is playing a seraphim that he's got up to 29 and he has a SW up to 37 I believe. his gamer tag is YourSoulIsMine
  6. I'm quite surprised at the lack of glitches so far (edit: I have the 360 version). I'm up to level 30 with my HE and the only thing I've run into is the inability to target giant bats with my fireball. I haven't had trouble targeting other air units, so it does seem a little weird. I just used incendiary shower to get around it and it's been fine. also, the fireballs sometimes miss the bats and then fly right up at the camera, which looks awesome. my friend complained about getting "stuck" a lot, but I think it was just the stun effect of some units.
  7. friday. bored. albums at that have kept me from dying in mounds of paper work the last couple weeks- -elvis perkins/in dearland -future of the left/curses -russian circles/station -pinback/blue screen life & nautical antiques -link wray/bullshot
  8. Ok, wow. I'm so stoked on this game. They did a great job porting it to 360 with the left/right trigger and allowing you to hold a button down to continue an attack. Only complaint so far was a little bit of lag causing some near deaths. I played a couple hours as a high elf and got up to level 10, but feel like it'll take a few characters before I know what I'm doing as far as skill/magic, though. Just wondering, how many people on this board actually have the game for 360? Any of my old D.a.r.k. pals?
  9. this is what a lot of developers are saying. there's a lot of untapped potential in the PS3, but it's extremely difficult to program for. as others in the thread have said, this decision mostly depends on what system you already have, but I have a 360 for the online experience. as ign & 1up reviewers have said, yes you have to pay for xbox live, but it's easily worth the (with the price drop) $30 a year. the games selection is what is keeping it steadily ahead of the ps3 and ahead of the Wii in recent total game sales. ps3 sold well because of the blu-ray player, but now that you can get them for under $200, I think it's gonna have a lot of trouble ahead.
  10. After a shipping snafu with Amazon (which they actually refunded me for, which was nice), my copy of Sacred 2 was finally delivered to my door step. Since I'm at work and won't be able to play for a few hours, I figured the next best thing would be to be here. I'm really excited to play and will definitely be back to the boards to read the character guides soon, I'm sure.
  11. Thanks! He's a boxer/black lab mix that I adopted.
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