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  1. I've got a jump gate right around the corner from there, with 1k recyclers if needed. edit: this is OMGSTUFF. PJ's a tard and saved his password so it auto logs him in on my computer.
  2. It looks like whenever BHJ responds back to me I will be giving him my account, I hope to see many HOFs that have been created with my fleet. Good luck to all of you.
  3. I want to try uni 36 if it doesnt work out I will be back. Does anyone have an objection to me giving my account to Ubersoldier?
  4. Does anyone want my uni 9 account? I am starting uni 36 and cant handle 3 universes at the same time. Stats: Light Fighter 43553 Cruiser 4002 Battleship 4194 Recycler 1650 Bomber 400 Destroyer 389 Deathstar 1 Battlecruiser 300 I have three moons two with jump gates, the other one is currently being built. let me know. I haven't had time to use this fleet so I would like to give this account to someone with the time to put this nice fleet to use.
  5. I constructed my defense to defend against a normal attacking fleet not 122 Deathstars. There really is nothing you can do for something like that.
  6. This morning I was attacked by 122 Deathstars. I logged on before they got there so he didn't get my fleet. I might go into vacation for a little while, I have not been able to play very much lately because I have been so busy at work lately. At these space, as it came to a battle: Attacker eniyiarkadaslarim (1:207:5) Weapons: 150% Shields: 140% Armour: 150% Deathstar 122 Defender Master of the nuts (1:212:6) Weapons: 140% Shields: 140% Armour: 150% Sol. Sat 8.417 R.Launcher 26.000 L.Laser 12.500 H.Laser 500 Gauss 1.000 Ion C. 500 Plasma 200 S.Dome 1 L.Dome 1 After battle... Attacker eniyiarkadaslarim (1:207:5) Deathstar 122 Defender Master of the nuts (1:212:6) destroyed! He captured 3.156 metal, 1.102 crystal and 424 deuterium. The attacker lost a total of 0 units. The defender lost a total of 156.954.000 units. At these space coordinates now float 0 metal and 5.050.200 crystal. The chance for a moon to be created is 20 %. -- Created by Takana's CR Converter v1.955 beta - Dragon Takana --
  7. I was finally unbanned today. This was his response: yeah, strange thing is though... when I trace you're home IP it gets redirected to california, so that's probably something strange with you're ISP ==> unbanned thanks for your help ~RexX~ I think he really has no idea how the internet works. Why does he care how my ISP routes its traffic?
  8. I am still banned and I have not received a response to my email. Is there anything else that I can do?
  9. I contacted him and he responded by saying can you please explain why the IP addresses you are connecting from daily are 1000's of miles away from each other? I actually do the networking for the company I work for so I tried explaining to him the IP addresses I connect from. I went to the official whois site which is run by ARIN and ran the records for the both IP addresses. The only thing I can think that he does not understand is that my ISP at home which is called Road Runner is registered out of VA, which I am sure is their corporate headquarters. The company I work for is registered as being from Buffalo, NY. If he knew anything about how the internet worked he would understand that this is totally feasible.
  10. I made OMGSTUFF the founder of the alliance for O-scan, so he will get the messages when you apply.
  11. Nice profits, why did you not send any battleships though?
  12. I am playing, just started building a fleet again as well. I will also be joining uni 33 when it comes out. I am currently playing uni 4 and uni 9.
  13. How many planets does D.A.R.K. have near this guy as an alliance? I cant really move a planet but I will donate resources I can send resources to anyone ranked lower than me.
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