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  1. Demo came out today in Europe and I have to say the demo was really great. I really loved the universe, fun and music. For everyone that didn't try it yet you should really check it out if you love beatem all games and metal music.
  2. *Suddenly sees the cake army returning against his plan* *gets striked by hundred attacks of the powerfull cookie army* *falls down and crashes* *The Cookietribe roars for victory the betrayer has been destroyed* but nobody sees what happens next. The temple guardian isn't destroyed yet !! TG was infected with a cake virus *tatatatat!* (terminator music) *TG stands up and roar's* *DEATHHH TO THE CAKEEEEEEEEEE, They have infected me with a cake virus* That's some epic action !
  3. *Decides to put some old bits of chocolate you can find on the old cookies near the areas where Chareos is digging (old chocolate bits of cookies are highly explosive to cake)
  4. When Monkeys will Sing. Are the Last 5 posts on this Topic from Belgian Members?
  5. *TG scanner active * Scanning revealed That Spunky is the AntiCookie vade retro Cakekinous!
  6. When the pope will do the moonwalk Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
  7. Welcome Cabby The art of sitting in a couch, one of the rare that I master Enjoy the forum/ community and I'll hope you will have fun on sacred II
  8. Up: my wife is into gaming again down: It aint sacred2 but guildwars again, but it's a start
  9. That explains the odd smell... meh just kidding welcome to the place of madness enjoy your stay and have fun cheers Asgard aka Frederik
  10. Are you on the ps3? Previous posts on the forum show that some ps3 had sadly an issue concerning the exact same problem as you issued. I don't know if there was any way to solve the problem, apparantly it arrived always in silver mode going to gold.
  11. Brussels, Belgium in a small appartment near the suburb
  12. Great to know some of you still play, but I'll have to restart my characters from scratch so it might take some time until I join some of you
  13. Hello all, I was just wondering, now with sacred2 out since a great time, if there are still a lot of you playing sacred1. I just bought sacred1 again and wondered if the online community is still as big and if any of you on the forum are still playing it. cheers Asgard aka Frederik
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