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  1. I agree with Gogo, it's nice to see the project keeps going. Will definately look at the full video when I have enough time to do so, but what I've seen so far from parts of it, already makes me happy. Bronze Difficulty and Bronze/Silver/Gold slots look really familar, eh.
  2. You can find your savefiles in the Saved Games folder of your user personnal folder. The whole adress should look like C:\Users\Your user name\Saved Games\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2, or wherever your user files might be stored if you moved it to another partition. Note that this is for Windows Vista and later systems, I can't remember right folder name for Windows XP, but I doubt you're using this OS. Btw Welcome to FDM
  3. Alright MP_Experience is the increase of XP% per player present in the server from 1 to 5, not per difficulty level, my bad. However increasing the first value should still change XP% per kill as one player value still counts for solo mode or 1 player LAN server. I actually thought the DistLevel lines mentionned were for maximum mob level, been so long I haven't touched these files, I was wrong on that one.
  4. Iirc mobs kill experience is affected by the line MP_experience = {1000,1150,1325,1550,1825}, having one value per difficulty mode {bronze, silver, gold, plat, niob}. Quests experience would be QuestExplow and QuestExpmax lines.
  5. Combat discipline damage bonus is applied widely on combat arts as soon as you take the skill, and tooltips are updated accordingly. Regen time bonus however requires you to put a CA in a combo to get it's benefits. CAs such as Dust Devil, have a base cooldown + regeneration time. Putting it in a combo will affect it's regeneration time, but won't reduce it's base cooldown, which can only be achieved by using the proper mod (Recondition, in that case). As it is now for you, it's 45.0s cooldown + 1.0s regeneration time, putting it in a combo properly applies 10% reduction to it's rege
  6. ^ Right answers above, it's a timer of roughly 1.30/2 mins iirc. Keep in mind you can always quick sell an item without a merchant nearby, just by opening your inventory and CTRL+clicking on the item you want to get rid of. You'll get a lower price for it than if you sell it directly to a merchant, but that's always a good solution when you're in need of space quickly.
  7. This can only be done one-by-one, no other way sadly.
  8. You don't need to reload the game to refresh merchants stores. You can just create a LAN game, or head to specific locations, as I mentionned in this post :
  9. Not sure what you mean by henchmen, but most of escort NPCs aren't supposed to attack ennemies. However, if you look at Options > Keyboard, you can see three keybinds/commands to set attack from distance, range and solo/group attack for minions. Since you're coming from S1 and before you may ask, the key to heal escort NPCs is SPACE, in Sacred 2 the NPCs coming with you are healed the same amount as you do by healing potions.
  10. It is still CTRL in Sacred 2, it didn't change.
  11. No item modifier can change hitting frequency, such a thing can only be done by modifying a CA using the proper mod. As per example, high elf's Raging Nimbus CA has a modifier "Hurricane" that does it : "Increases lightning frequency. (50% increase in hit speed)". As Sphere is already a mod for Reverse Polarity, you cannot mod it any further to increase it's hitting frequency.
  12. 1. Weird, but still, try to throw them on the floor and pick them back, if it still doesn't work, I don't know what causes this. 3. I think you saw that being said on one of the loading screens tips, and I'm nearly sure it's another thing that was supposed to be working but doesn't work. As a matter of fact, after completing ~180 quests in Tyr-lysia area and it's surroundings, I still don't get better drops upon completion. This would go alongside the "Completing more quests in one area will result in merchants offering better goods", which doesn't work either. One thing that should
  13. 1. If you want to restack items properly, you need to throw them off your inventory (click on it and drag out of the inventory window) and pick them up again afterwards. Also, items from different difficulties can't stack, explains why you have stacks of same runes with different stats. You can check an item difficulty by holding ALT while having your mouse cursor over it. 2. It's random, but there's definately more 2 handed lightsabers, noticed the same as you described. No trick that I know of, just luck. 3. Campain bosses/dragons should give more "classic/aspect" set items, and al
  14. The damage boost is applied on all Combat Arts as soon as you take Combat Discipline skill, tooltips are updated accordingly, you don't need to put your CAs in a combo to get the damage bonus, it's a passive. The only benefit you'll get from using CAs in combos is reduced regen time from Combat Discipline.
  15. While combat discipline is really useful for it's game-wide damage increase and bonus regenration on combos, it's fairly safe to say it's rarely used for a combo with 4 CAs. The T-energy shield is mostly like everything else in this game, only gets really good later, when you can use some +xx% maximum shield energy amulets* in platin/niob, it's much better. Keep in mind, your base energy shield only takes 60% of the incoming damage, 40% goes to your HP bar. Early it doesn't matter that much, but at later levels you may also want to find some amulets with +xx% absorbtion energy shield* and
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