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  1. Hey Oni! I just checked my characters man...All I have is a level 83 Seraphim on Plat! But since your dark, I'm not sure if I can help! If you add me, I'll host a room for you though, but I cannot glitch difficulties for you!
  2. You know, I sorta don't really know...As far as I know, I think none of the Stats stack...But, the 1 cool thing about having Sword Weapons Mastery and Dual Wield is that the weapon modifiers you unlock with Sword Weapons Mastery and the fact that you can Dual Wield weapons like that with beastly stats makes it all the better because I know for a fact the Sword Weapons Modifiers do stack!
  3. Hey Yeska, thanks for your GT! I played Red Dead btw, I loved it! Anyway I'm not on much lately but I'll send you a friend request when I can...As for the Shadow Warrior guide, same story there, I'll post it when I can...I'm rather busy looking for a job right now though.....
  4. Hey Chattius, I understand where you're coming from saying to use a High Elf, They are great Powerful builds but they're a little tricky for beginners! I've been playing this game for ages and I'm still experimenting with High Elves trying to figure out what works and what doesn't!
  5. Hey guys, I cast my vote for Physical! Reason is because of how beastly the Wounding Effects are when you do Massive Physical Damage!
  6. Good question Cyco! My answer would be all of 'em, reason is, this Site has so many good guides for each Class and you can experiment with each one as you see fit and find out which Character best suits your play style! Anyway, if I had to pick 1 for you, Shadow Warrior! Good Luck man, you'll need it, the world of Ancaria on the PC is a harsh place because the bosses are alot tougher on Ice & Blood from what I hear!
  7. Odd topic, not to mention...I'm confused as to what this topic even has to do with?! KILL THE WABBIT! BTW...that's my 2 Cents!
  8. Thanks alot for the appreciation! Yeska, see your on Xbox, what's your GT man? Also, what do you think about a Shadow Warrior Guide?!
  9. Ok....That's a tall order SirDie but I guess I can try and accomodate your needs! I have everything you're asking for and much more which I'll mention to you over Xbox Live whenever I get on!
  10. For me, a console user, you really don't want to know...But if you must, I'd like to say roughly 700+ Hours!
  11. Sorry for the late reply...Anyway guys, I don't really need anything any more but Legendary Items because those are still pretty illusive, but if you want any of my stuff I've got pretty much everything 3 Star now (Including Sets) so feel free to get ahold of me on Live! As for BoomBoom123, What's your Gamertag because you didn't mention it in your post?!
  12. To Ashiro, check out my Inquisitor guide if you want to build a very good Inquisitor...It's called Caster/Dual Wield Inquisitor! To Dagger, sorry I didn't mention Fallout 3 earlier...It's really a good game and you should pick it up! To Pickles aka Smack, get outta here! Just kidding...Why start up Sacred again? Thought you were bored! Just to let you know Dagger & Ashiro...This Pickles guy is a buddy of mine...He's like a walking/talking Sacred 2 encyclopedia! He knows alot about of the game and he's the reason I'm no longer a noob in Sacred 2!
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