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  1. I can't believe my eye... simply omg. But sadly mods like this are not allow over battle.net.
  2. Did you say bug gogo? Shame on you... eh I mean have fun with it.
  3. A great topic. I dunno about others, but I exercise to eat. Well I will talk about Granny instead though. (Let's just say my mom has been a full time teacher with zero cooking ability) I have said somewhere before that my father side of heritage is South and my mother side is North, so naturally I managed to enjoy a mix of two traditional styles of Chinese. For those who cares to know: Shandong & Cantonese. Cantonese should be familiar, 70+% of western Chinese food falls in this style (or a mutant from it ). The same can't be said about Shandong. Of all the western cities I have visited (plenty but not many, granted), I have failed to find one true dish from it. Kinda sad... you can find Jing and Shanghai easily, and these two are not one of the old eights. (Btw, those Jing and Shanghai that I tried, many awarded and acclaimed by western magazines, were not true to the style they claim to be. The food was good, but I felt very badly about this. It is still fraud no matter how you look at it. Don't trust a western Chinese restaurant is the conclusion I made ) But I'm off topic, the dish I wanted to say is a kind of plain dumpling. It is a Northern recipe among commoner, and each Chinese new year we used to gather and make it. Following the tradition, so to speak. We stopped because of granny's age nowadays and it is the one dish I truly missed. The dumpling itself has no sharp flavor, but it is comfortable to the stomach. In fact, it is both the rice and the course. While the recipe is important, the key is still the skin, and there is no shortcut to it but polished skill. I think it is a really important feature that is ignored in modern Chinese (and not just Chinese). Food that is comfortable, hearty, and healthy.
  4. Firefly is one of my all time favorites. I don't like Serenity as the show's ender. But I suppose there is indeed no use to cry over spoiled milk.
  5. Good show? What's it about?
  6. myles

    Bak Chang

    Lol so I suppose there really isn't a real translation. Its not spicy. Sweet or salty mainly, a bit chewy with a mixed tasted of the ingredient. They are indeed warped with leafs, three or four depending on the width, all natural so to speak. Definitely one of the healthier Chinese food with thousand years of history.
  7. Yugioh eh? Funny I don't see you as the type to like this kind of cartoon. I have a weird feeling that perhaps your kid got you in on it. Fess up? I didn't own a deck myself but a nephew is so into it that I'm constantly granted the privilege of borrowing a deck to play, one "so" powerful that I don't know what to do with it. Gratz.
  8. Duan Wu festival is coming, and like what would happen every year, we have way too many 粽 of all kinds. Really wish I could share it with everyone. Now, my thread title is weird right? The thing is I cannot find a satisfying translation. Most English sources say (Chinese) dumpling. I mean, that just won't do, there are more than 50 kinds of common Chinese dumplings, uncountable if you look hard enough. So help me, what is this? Anyhow, they should be selling in your local Chinese market, and now is the best time of the year to try them. I like the salty meat style best (the style from my father side), the Northern bean-filled style second (the style from my mother side). Btw, those duck egg/dried oyster/five nuts mix varieties are not for weak stomach, trust me.
  9. So what's the verdict on it Gogo? Or perhaps they are still in the fridge?
  10. This time I will wait, I can't bare to see the story changed in major ways again, however good the animation. I still hope for the best, honoring the original w/o killing the suspense.
  11. I agree with Timo on this, this is a little bit beyond my understanding.
  12. Gogo hitting 10000 posts is unrelated to anything, I firmly believe. Afterall, if you include all of gogo's test accounts, post counts have long since impossible, as katran mentioned .
  13. I think they only grow in moist area, and indeed you only find them fresh for a short while. I found them too bitter and rarely buy them, but they are needed for Bibimbap, which I really really like. But do cook them thoroughly like wiki said. They are kinda like pork, don't eat them raw.
  14. I could think of a couple, but this came to me first. Elaine Paige - "I Dreamed A Dream"
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