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  1. Sacred 2 Bonuslist sortable View File This is my Bonuslist spreadsheet. It was requested I put it up here, since the original download link went dead. -- czevak. Submitter czevak Submitted 12/11/2017 Category Ice & Blood Miscellaneous
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is my Bonuslist spreadsheet. It was requested I put it up here, since the original download link went dead. -- czevak.
  3. I am preparing a patcher+disabler package atm. Hopefully will be able to release a proper cm-patch soon, if there are no major problems arising this beta test.
  4. There seems to be some problem with changing bonuses on random amulets and rings going from 0130 to 0140. We are working on it and try to provide a hotfix soon. EDIT: Hotfix is out. Please redownload or wait for the automatic update to pop up.
  5. Aww...sonovacrap! Sorry for the typo guys. I corrected the link in the first posting now. Changelog for the Wiki if you like: >>>>>>>>>>>> Patchnotes CM-Patch v0140 (Summer Release 2012) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< [[General]] Fixed an issue where invisible objects and "stairs" appeared in settlements. Removed max-level cap for all regions. Feel free to farm on your level where ever you like [[Animation]] Inquisitor Animations have been further optimized to prevent skipping. [[Enemies and Bosses]] Removed the enemies from the vicinity of the last monolith before the big machine. [[items and Drops]] Added a new epic throwpotion: Light of Earendil. New Bracers of Atherton for the Dragon Mage. All Fruitbaskets have proper naming now. Added three new Trophies: Four leaf clover, Construction plans and Divine spark. [[Quests]] Rikals assistants are now removed during the quest "The Usurer". Elve Mehmedagic is not a target during the quest "Annoying Little Kobold Shamans" anymore NPCs from the quest "Redemption" leave Thylysium afterwards. Quest "Unexpected News" cannot be lost anymore to prevent logbook issues. Healthbars in "Ephrahim's Nightmare", "Witching About", "Spider Infestation", "Cut Off" and "Holdup" adjusted. Informant Harol from the quest "By Order of the Crown" is available, state as hireling is corrected. Added a Runedrop reward for the quest "Faust". Correction of disband-flag in "Bloody Rituals", "Frightened Guard (Light)", "Tutorial Hireling", "A Picnic in the Swamps (Light)", "A Picnic in the Swamps (Shadow)", "Attack from the Mist" and "By Order of the Crown" Shadow quests "Nightmares" and "Operation White Vest" adjusted. Only works if a new game or difficulty is started. [[New Quests]] Shadow version of the quest "The Unsurer" activated. "Hired Assassins (Light)" and "Hired Assassins (Shadow)" activated, but dialogs and logbook entries are missing.
  6. CM Patch v0140 is Up! Download in first posting as always. Enjoy!
  7. It was designed to have something for everyone. Experienced pros will find some new bosses that provide a challenge, but that is really a very minor part of the CM. We did not put those into the path of the main storyline, not to discourage casual or new players as yourself. In point of bugfixing, I highly recomend playing with the CM patch installed, as Marcus got rid of most quest related problems that were the most tedius and annoying. (Failed Quests even if you succeeded, broken chainquests and such things.) Have fun playing Sacred 2.
  8. Girlfriend and I enjoyed playing D2 way back, and finally getting to grips with D3 this weekend was priceless. She played a Wizard and I went for the Barbarian (I want my Paladin back!). It was an instant "feeling home" and quite a lot of fun. Watching the enemies fly and splatter around with the barbarian made me smile a lot. Felt like Serious Sam in places. We got through the beta last evening by finally slaying the Skeleton King. This game is as good as bought. I like how they dealt with the Items scavenging problems. People diving to the one dropped ring was so annoying in D2.
  9. Just saw this: http://us.battle.net...ekend-4_19_2012 Nice to be able to check it out, whether its worth its price.
  10. We actually own one of these: http://sadtherapylamps.com/oregon-scientific-breaking-dawn-sunrise-clock.html It is not bad, but sometimes the stepping of the lightincrease annoys me, as it is noticeable when you are just not quite awake and you get a bit shocked when it steps up a few lux. I would very much prefer a smooth continous increase in light. The snooze trigger is a nice thouch. Just wave your hand in front of the display to stop the radio/audio alarm. The light will stay on however, so that is a bit of a fail. Brightness of the display could be very much darker on the minimum setting. Why did I get this thing again? I also heard of alarm clocks that actually analyze your sleeping movements and choose the best time (ligth sleep phase) to wake you in a given timespace before your absolute get up alarm.
  11. soundprofiles.txt gives you the resources you need to look for, in case of the Inquisitor: event122 = { event = "MUSIC_FIGHT_HARD", resource = 1028 }; event123 = { event = "MUSIC_FIGHT_MEDIUM", resource = 1027 }; event124 = { event = "MUSIC_FIGHT_EASY", resource = 1026 }; These are defined in soundprofiles.txt inside your games locale folder. The corresponding archives with the ogg sounds are there too. Hope you find what annoys you.
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