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  1. Now that is interesting. Do you know where within the savefile the item the properties are modified and how this is implemented?
  2. I haven't tried it but in the balance.txt file "RangePickUpLoot" might be of use to you (but then again I may be completely wrong). Try changing it to a bigger number and see what happens, I think you will have to edit it and then reload the game to see any changes.
  3. Hi Arperum Are you trying to find out where the information is stored in the .sacred2save files rather than just reading the values from the .sacred2stats files? If it is the .sacred2save files then you are right it will be very long and boring work.
  4. Here goes. Try this Excel file. Linky Hope you find it useful. It came from the blueprint.txt file for Ice & Blood 2.65.1.
  5. Here's an update for you Gumby. If you open a decoded file in a hex editor I have a picture showing some of the item properties I have figured out. Some are for the chest and others are for the actual item but I have a picture of a decodded chest shown below. I have changed the hex values to normal decimal in the hex editor for this shot. The Game Version is basically the build number of the version that created the chest. We can see the values 45 and 7 ([7 x 256] + 45 = 1837) build number 1837 means this chest was created with version 2.65.2. The Fixed Value can be used as a reference point for the start of the items and the number of items in the chest (different versions of Sacred start their items at different points in the file (Pre / Post 2.40 ish). I think the money colour is somewhere about right but it's around those end values.
  6. This will not work for the XBOX as when the files are unpacked using something like offzip the information is in a different byte order can't remember which way round they are offhand but I think it's big endian for PC and little endian for XBOX. There might also be some qwerks for the XBOX format as well but don't really know about that. If there aren't in theory you may be able to recompile the source code for the Character Editor specifying a different endian format and getting rid of the use of the decoders, use it on the output from offzip and then repack you chars using packzip (this is just a theory though and probably would not work in practice). Otherwise I think you may be out of luck.
  7. I was wondering. Has anybody seen items that are the same but with different numbers/types of sockets in the same session by editing the balance.txt file? I guess what I am asking is does this affect all items the same way or does it work on individual items?
  8. Hehe I was just reading the post and thinking there must be some switch in the item hex file to give a specific bonus from the random groups when I got to the quoted bit. I will see what I can do on that one but it will be a week or two till I have the time to look properly.
  9. In the window that pops up when you click on an item there is a number spinbox with the words next to it "Number of Items in Slot". If you change this it will clone items (not anything socketed though) up to a maximum of 20 items just like the potions. I think what you need to add is another BonusGroup line with {515, 1000, 1, 9, 0}. I have a feeling that the 515 is the All Skills attribute if I can remember right (so that means it probably isn't). If it does work and you want more skills change the 1000 to 9999 and see what happens.
  10. I have made an editor for the items in the commuinity chest, you can tell the ID and Type of an item from it as well as change certain things about the item. For it to work you have to have exited the game and be in one of the starting screens where you choose your character. You will also need the .net framework 3.5 installed for the editor to run. The editor contains 3 files Sacred 2 Item Editor 0.53.exe (GUI interface that changes the items), s2sdec_chest.exe (a decoder that decodes [decompresses] the chest file. It seems that the coders for Sacred 2 used zlib to compress their files.) and Item Data Ice and Blood.xls (Excel file containing some info on the items). In use it will create 2 extra files in the folder in which the editor is used, a decoded chest file and a backup chest file. It still has a few issues which I haven't figured out yet the main one being that sometimes the items edited don't sell for the right value and there are still item properties which I haven't figured out. I think some are hard-coded into the game and can't be changed in the hex files. Item Editor Linky If anyone wants the source code (C++ in visual studio.net) I can post it here as well.
  11. Hi Gumby In answers to some of your questions 1) Don't know 2) Not sure on this either 3) You are right. At the moment you have a fairly standard saber. It looks like Sanekur has added a good few of the gold slots (More of the lines that have the starting numbers after the { 751, 859 and 860). All of these are the different gold slots. The second number in the sequence controls the % or the +/- value of the attribute which I can see Sanekur has bumped up to 9999 and 99999, this gives the high level for Deathblow that you see. I have a feeling that the third number controls the difficulty level I.e bronze, silver etc at which the attribute appears or the level of the item white, blue, gold etc. This is because I had a shield showing no attributes which I had edited and that was because I had no value for the difficulty set. There are 15 or 16 different levels as the item colours are split into sub-levels as well. I haven't investigated this too much so am not completely sure 4) The first shield Stalworth Safeguard is Item ID 2630 and Item type 9952. I don't have a Wall of Flames so don't know. 5) & 6) I will get back to you after I have had a chat with a few people. I haven't found a way to hex edit items to add sockets and other attribs but it is possible to edit levels, change items, difficulty levels and a few other things.
  12. Well done Sankekur. You beat me to it. I have found the same thing but rather than editing the item types I have been directly editing the items from their item id's in the blueprint.txt file. This is more of a brute force mod than yours as all the attributes for that item ID are changed rather than the item type (I think that's the right way round). One thing I did find when doing this in blueprint.txt I found that if I added too much to the item I think I "lost" some of the new attributes and things like sockets did not show up. One of the things I have found was newBlueprint = { id = 1552, name = "unlock_sword_glaive_1h_atherton", palettebits = "1111111111111111", dmgvariation = 100, minconstraints = {1,13,0}, lvljump = 1, usability = 0, allotment_pmfpi = {500,0,500,0,0}, uniquename = "unique", specialuseonly = 0, bonusgroup0 = {522,1300,1,9,0}, bonusgroup1 = {876,1200,1,2,0}, bonusgroup2 = {860,1000,1,2,0}, bonusgroup3 = {859,1000,1,2,0}, bonusgroup4 = {751,1000,1,2,0}, itemtypes = {9520,}, wearergroups = {'WEARGROUP_DEFAULT',}, } mgr.createBlueprint(1552, newBlueprint); We have here a unlockable sword here. The important lines as Sankekur said are the lines that start with bonusgroup# if you edit the second number after the { I.E. 1300 in the item bonusgroup0 = {522,1300,1,9,0} we can change the +/- % or value of that attribute. The first number is the type of attribute that the bonus is for, I don't know about the others. This will only affect the item you have modded. If you wanted to increase a value for all items for a specific attribute then look down the blueprint file till you find. To do this take the first number after the { search blueprint till you find the attribute then search for the bonuslist which looks like this. newBonus = { -- name = "sb_addskill_any", rating = 38, basedonskill = "SKILL_INVALID", type = "BONUS_SKILL", spez = "SKILL_ANY", spez2 = "", usagebits = 65535, minconstraints = {15,9,0}, difficultyvaluerange0 = {0,10,60}, difficultyvaluerange1 = {1,12,75}, difficultyvaluerange2 = {2,14,90}, difficultyvaluerange3 = {3,17,105}, difficultyvaluerange4 = {4,20,120}, } mgr.createBonus(758, newBonus); Here we are looking at the add all skills bonus. The difficultyvaluerange 0 - 4 are the 5 different levels of difficulty bronze, silver, gold etc. Changing the third number will increase the amount of that skill for that specific difficulty. I have not tried this for the sockets yet. Another very important note. If you update the game any extra sockets will be lost as lots of game files are re-written. If you have items in them they will disappear when you open the game. You may be lucky any one will appear in front of you as an item drop but even then only one and everything else will be lost. I also have an application that can find the id of an item in the commuinity chest if people are interested.
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