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  1. Fire Mage for the win! ahh stratholme, yeah twas 5 man, and very very fun played till 80 on the newest one, but it was never the same quit in august due to lack of fun. sorely missed though,
  2. ahh the good old WoW days... the new expansions ruined the feel of "Oh my gawd how am I supposed to kill this guy in a 40 man tema, hes has like 1,343,444,232,424,436 health!"
  3. Doesnt seem like Hissil'ta got much effort put into it, nothing of real interest there (that I have found) and glitched quests, coupled with the most annoying bosses in history Bah.
  4. Hello! well, I have juts been wondering what the little green/red stars under your avatar actually mean I thought it was post count, but I soon realised that I have more than people with higher post counts sometimes? well, just wondering if anyone could enlighten me to there purpose thanks -Matt
  5. ahh, so you cant powerlevel your friends then? thats kinda pointless tbh
  6. yay we can be idiots together anyone fancy enlightening us?
  7. maybe im missing something (and yes im prepared to look like an idiot ) but im still not seeing how bringing another account can get a level 1 into a 200 game, because the max level gap is 10 always online?
  8. pity my highest level is only 87 :'( but still, im liking the idea, ill be sorting that later on
  9. I already had access I think ^^ but are there any templates on new pages? I have only ever edited pages in the past, never needed to make my own
  10. well, if console is the same as pc, I would be happy to add it but I have any idea of how to make pages :S I guess I should get to work High Elf - Merciless Avenger Starting the Dryad/ Shadow Warrior ones soon, and the Seraphim (Though I guess thats gonna be Dark Eagle Wings)
  11. well, I was looking on the wiki for legendary items, and I realised that it doesnt say which ones are for classes and because the High Elf staff was a huge let down, I dont want to waste more time getting another pathetic one hope you can help
  12. WHAT? noooooo I spent ages getting my map up to about 70% :'( by the way.. level 2 with 535? care to reveal the secret?
  13. I am in possession of an almost full set of this that I would be willing to part with, depending whats on offer I think I am missing either the legs or helmet the levels range from 15-60 (chestguard 15, all else is above 45) GT: Oo Terminus oO
  14. in my personal experience, I have found rallied souls to be incredibly useful, when combined with 2 Sword/Shield/Armour modded skeles it all depends on what you raise, Weak kobold in life = Weak kobold in death. What I have done, is put Spectral hand in a combo with rallied souls, and I target a champion. I am able to 1 shot and raise most champions this way, and a champion raised is a very useful ally
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