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Found 2 results

  1. *SPOILERS* This build is more like a WALKTHROUGH then a guide Realtime grinding was done to ensure JuneJune's builds can be done without 'aid' grinding to 120 in Sacred 2 is 'human' going all the way to 200 is 'mechanical' Made a new Seraphim its started at lvl75 with a Mutation set and some hand me down amulets/rings Playing in platinum, Platinum guardians droped & niob opened up at level 90; Niob guardians done at level 120 BFG Seraphim.rar Downloaderble character at level 200 (comes with regen per hit ring but that ring is so hax) BFG w Regen Per Hit.rar Downloaderble character at level 200 With Regen Per Hit ring setup at level 93, minor change of plans, now Perparing to go 22 points into Tactics law for dashing alacrity mods Dashing Alacrity mods (only useful if you remove the speed cap in balance.txt to SpeedMax = 5000,)(or if you use the regen per hit items) Bloodlust - further increase attack speed Delay - increase duration of dashing alacrity Impatience - reduce the cooldown of dashing alacrity This build is high in defence so u can throw in more +damage/regeneration blacksmith arts Item choices mutation set if u can farm enough bosses or Genesis Siderea set for rings and amulets by importance - opponents chance to evade, +chance opponents cannot evade attacks; to have 100% hit rate vs bosses +to all skills +damage mitigation +chance to evade attacks ect; so melle damage wouldn't be a problem + a shield to save u from spells +elemental armour -damage over time for those spitting spiders -regeneration penalty from buffs Rune levels I'm keeping everything at top CA level so I can auto shoot and not waste the +attack speed from the bfg's +range weapons So thats alot of runes to farm battle stance, dashing alacrity, BFG, Dump runes here if u have spare or another character to throw runes over arch angels wrath, at about 3sec per bolt does very well with concentration pots; got mine down to about 1.5sec w 3 buffs I'm not to inclined to level up warding energy buff I'm not taking much damage even with out the shield
  2. Simplified BeeFeeGee Seraphim Guide v2.0 (with enhanced perception and late game Area of Effect) Designed to maximise BFG dps, (Backpacker Seraphim, Made with adventure in mind http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/21208-traveling-backpacker-seraphim-build/?p=6958227) (Mystic Pyromancer, built with flavor in mind http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/21207-stormy-pyromancer-guide/) (statistics from sacred 2 wiki (backup?) http://web.archive.org/web/20120823004318/http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php5/Sacred_2:Fallen_Angel -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Contents How this build works 000 Damage 001 Hit 002 Armour 003 Late Game Area of Effect 004 Build 005 Skills 006 Combat Arts 007 Combos 008 -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- How this build works 000 This build concentrats on maximizing the BFG by buffing the BFG with battle stance, taking warrior focus for battle stance, and fast exalted warrior combat arts so auto shooting will be eliminated, to maximixe combat discipline. Then it is pulled together by combat discipline combos and stamina to increase damage of all combat arts. Archangels will do fire damge while pelting and soul hammer will do frost damage from the BFG's damage element -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Damage 001 Ranged Weapons Rever Tech Focus Exalted Warrior Focus Combo Discipline (283.3% at level 200) //untested 1 spell casts playing on pc Concentration Stamina Battle Stance Battle stance is a very strong buff my ex-warrior seraphim would die, miss, do less damage without it and have trouble hitting bosses and shiny enemies. Warrior Focus Over Tactics Lore Tactics lore is a waste +damage only for pelting strikes and soul hammer and dosn’t add for arch angels (tested in game) or archangels will hit for something insane Warrior focus works for pelting, soul hammer and battle stance for more defence and hit archangels requires hit too -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Hit 002 Battle Stance BFG Gear // Opponents chance to evade jewellery (1 ring per armour or u can't get it back..!) -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Armour 003 Armour Lore Constitution Toughness Spell Resistance Battle Stance Buff Gear // Chance to evade jewellery (1 ring per armour or u can't get it back....!) -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Late Game Area of Effect 004 Rever Tech Focus Combat Discipline (283.3% at level 200) //untested 1 spell casts playing on pc Concentration Stamina -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Build 005 (Experts touch was taken.) It should look something like this Pelting Strikes 1 point Soul Hammer 1 point Battle Stance 20 points BeeEffGee 20 points Archangel’s Wrath 1 point Flaring Nova (late game) 5 points Radiant Pillar (late game) 5 points -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Skills 006 Character at level 75 Stats At level 200 ---- 100 Vit, 200 Stam Level 1-74 Stam Level 75-124 Vit Level 124+ Stam 2/3 points to Stamina (auto shooting will be eliminated, to maximixe combat discipline) Levels 02-----Ranged Weapons 1 (1 point, BFG will get it above 75) 03-----Armour Lore 40 05-----Rever Tech Focus 42 (7 mod points) 08-----Enhanced Perception 16 12-----Constitution 40 18-----Concentration 40 (40% at 50 points, 46+1%+buff at 75) 25-----Toughness 40 35-----Exalted Warrior Focus 42 (7 mod points) 50-----Combo Discipline 40 (Max 283.3% at 200) //untested for single cast playing on pc 65-----Spell Resistances 36 Concentration will hit 50 at character level 146 (and left at 50) All skills other skills will hit 75 at character level 146 (besides Ranged Weapons that should have hit 75 way ahead of the rest) Combat Reflexes or spell resistances - bosses have a high spell intensity it will go though low leveled spell resistance, if u keep it in good shape u will block 30% + crits, roughly 40% reduction -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Combat Arts 007 Pelting Strikes 1 point Battle Stance even with BFG BeeEffGee even with Battle Stance Archangel’s Wrath 1 point Flaring Nova (late game) -------------------------------------------------------------------- Combat art mods Exalted Warrior Pelting Strikes Thrust- more damage per hit Focus- less energy Precision- boss kill late game Battle Stance Premonition- more hit Drill- reduce cost -------------------------------------------------------------------- Combat art mods Rever Tech BeeEffGee Battery- 50% regen reduction Enhancement- more damage or 25% reduction from diminishing returns Accuracy- more hit Archangel’s Wrath Red Hot- Bigger shot for bosses Lock- For that last guy who likes to dodge/run Vulnerable- Crits Flaring Nova (late game) Impulse- more damage Stun- Perplex is broken Flux- More damage -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Combos 008 Soul Hammer Archangel’s at 0.8s cast speed Soul Hammer Pelting Strikes 0.4s or around there Flaring Nova Radiant Pillar roughly 1.1s cast time -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- //'Im fine' //Kanzaki Urumi quote: "It's not his fault. He is a teacher.... technically."
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