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Found 2 results

  1. Ok so my gladiator has currently beaten platinum underworld at level 100 and I just noticed I took parrying as my last skill at level 50 I dont know what crossed my mind since I have NEVER even touched a shield for a single second in the entire run. ( I'm dual wielding) my skills are: const, weap lore, dual wield, concentration, trading, agility, armor, parrying since this is one of my 2 main characters and I forgot AGAIN to take disarm, I dont know how to get a tree rage on him... and I always wanted to. so my questions are: 1 Is parrying totally useless on a full dual wield gladiator? Is there any shield I'll ever want to use over a second battered machete or a second faldamar? If parrying is useless what could be a good final choice in case of future similar builds? 2 Are there any ways to change my single level spent in parrying with disarming? (I'd prefer to do this instead of someone giving me tree rage) 3 Does someone here have a spare tree rage around level 90-120? (I never did coop but it's starting to look like the only option) (please im really fond of this character and I dont want my completionism dreams to be shattered because I forgot to take disarming)
  2. Hi I have been lurking in some of these forums without actually joining for while. So I am still somewhat new. I would REALLY appreciate views/thoughts on this matter: I am still playing Sacred 1 (the Gold edition with Underworld). I have more or less followed Rooster's Gladiator guide - which implies using Duel Wielding with no other weapons mastery. But now I have picked up Logar's Mighty Hander in Platinum (my Glad is level 107). Even without Sword Lore my attack% and damage is MUCH higher for Lorgar's Two Hander than any Duel Wielding configuration that I can manage. I simply cannot find weapons to Duel Wield that provide a higher attack% along with decent damange. So my question is: did I make a huge mistake by not taking Sword Lore. More specifically, would my Glad have been significantly more effective with Sword Lore. In Duel Wield, I put out 118 200 damage at 3500 attack. But Lorgar gives me 164 000 damage at 3700 attack. I would really appreciate feedback on whether Sword Lore would have made a huge difference. Thanks
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