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  1. Fellow players, I'd like to present the result of the endeavor of the last 3 years - the CM Patch 1.60 + S2EE 2.4 Addendum Beta. The Addendum Beta contains game changes, fixes and extra graphics content. Gameplay stability in Multiplayer is not guaranteed. Playing wih legacy characters is highly inadvisable. The Addendum Beta is is not compatible with either D2F, or Enhanced Edition variations out of the box. It also requires the Elite Textures to be switched on(the Trimmed Elite Textures are highly recommended). The available localizations are English and Russian. Take note: Unlike the CM Patch 1.60, the Addendum has not been extensively tested by a dedicated team. Quirks and CTD's are technically possible. Please, report any such incidents. Game Mode changes: "Player vs. Player" mode is replaced with "Pandemonium" mode. "Pandemonium" mode description: With the all the disruptions and anomalies, caused by the Great Machine instability and overcharge, trans-dimensional rifts start to manifest. A massive invasion by a malevolent force, describing itself as "The Burning Hells" soon begins, followed by a self-proclaimed benevolent force, "The High Heavens". It's time to take out all this trash. Meet new enemies and a lot of new bosses. Those, who manage to kill all bosses and minibosees in one run receive singnificant attribute and skill point rewards. Gameplay Changes: 1. One of the primary calculation functions, used in attack vs. defense, spell intensity vs. spell resistance, damage vs. armor calculations has been fixed. 2. Occurrences, where, upon changing locations via doors, or secondary teleports, various objects and NPC states at the new location were not updated in a timely manner, should no longer manifest. 3. It is now possible to traverse dungeons levels and enter-exit dungeons without dismounting. Previous technical limit have been successfully alleviated. 4. Ingame price inflation is decreased by a factor of 10. Minimum item full price is 4 gold now. 5. Appropriate equipment and character bonus-granted modifiers now have a chance(35% for single target attacks, 15% for Area of Effect attacks, 0% for temporary and permanent buffs) to apply to spell-based attacks. 6. A certain rare day-night transition CTD is fixed. 7. One bonus type(BONUS_REDUCE_ENEMYS_SPELL_REFLECTION) has been restored. 8. Two bonus types(BONUS_ALLSTATS, BONUS_ALLSTATS_REL) have been introduced. 9. The functionality of bonus type BONUS_NOFLEE has been expanded. If applied as a debuff, it compels an opponent to attack in melee. 10. The BONUS_LIFELEECH_REL bonus type now properly causes percentage-based leeching from the creature's current health. 11. Damage mitigation is now capped at 85%. 12. 'Combat Art Skills +' modifier behaves correctly now, improving 'Ancient Magic'(now called 'Spellcraft Lore'), 'Combat Discipline' and 'Concentration' skill instead of 'Shield Lore' and 'Warding Energy Lore'. 13. The BONUS_HURL_ENEMY bonus type mechanics has been reworked. The damage is no longer indiscriminately applied to non-hostile NPCs and mounts. 14. Drop tables have been revised. Potion drop rate has been severely reduced. Missing set items should now drop. 15. PhysX object behavior in the game world has been optimized. 16. Both ambient and combat music selection have been significantly expanded. 17. Some projectiles used to demonstrate strange physics quirks(ricochet off some surfaces, "falling leaf" behavior). Should no longer happen. 18. CA tokens "et_debuff_EAW", "et_debuff_EVW", "et_debuff_armor_phy" from the same source CA no longer stack on affected targets, and are longer attached to affected targets as offensive properties(CA's affected are marked with '*' in the description below). 19. The merchant stock replenishment formula has been altered, the growing character level now makes it somewhat easier to encounter better items in shops. 20. Bonus BONUS_INVISIBLE now works like a reasonable random chance of remaining undetected. 21. Occurrences of playable characters becoming perma-paralyzed upon being knocked back is resolved by making "host"(on local server) player immune to knockback. 22. Ambient sound volume has been adjusted for several temporary buffs. 23. Root effects are now both bonus type driven and are actually chance-based. BONUS_CHANCE_ROOT and BONUS_CHANCE_BREAK_ROOT bonus types can now be used both as spell and item properties. 24. BONUS_UNSTUN_CHANCE bonus type has been introduced. Represents the chance-based ability to break stun effect on self. 25. Healing potion anti-spamming feature now actually works. 26. Energy shields now regenerate in combat, but, just like health, the in-combat regeneration rate is 0.02 of out-of-combat regeneration rate. 27. BONUS_DISMOUNT bonus has been removed, due to it's fundamental application flaws vs. NPCs. 28. BONUS_HRM_FIGHT bonus type has been introduced. Represents a percentage-based multiplier to in-combat heath regeneration rate. 29. BONUS_SRM_FIGHT bonus type has been introduced. Represents a percentage-based multiplier to in-combat energy shield regeneration rate. 30. Stun duration has been set to 6 seconds. 31. BONUS_BLIND_RAGE has been actualized in blueprint.txt. Represents the chance for a creature to become universally hostile for a time. 32. Mount maximum achievable level is set to 250(used to be 201 upon game reload). 33. Several extra CA tokens have been introduced. General Playable Character Changes: 1. Characters can now have up to 13 skills and up to 6 combat art modifications per each combat art. 2. Characters can now possess a single mount, either a horse, or a special mount(now called 'class mount') at a givent time time. Any type of mount can be sold to any mount vendor. Buying special mounts requires visiting class mount vendors. 3. New characters now have the lore-appropriate deity preselected by default. 4. Various fixes to character animations have been introduced. Unused animations have been restored. 5. Character models have been reworked, fixing seams and improper weighting. 5. An extra slot has been introduced - the 'Mount Ward'. Necklace-like items can be bought from Blackmiths, their properties become active, if the character is utilizing a mount. 6. Characters now auto-ride their currently active mounts upon game loading. 7. Character animation blending speed has been adjusted. 8. Transformed characters can now open doors and chests. 9. Singleplayer characters can now longer start multiplayer campaigns. 10. Multiplayer characters can now longer start singleplayer campaigns. Skill Changes: 1. 'Bargaining' skill mechanics has been modified: the skill is now a viable investment at higher levels, due to increasing chance to encounter Sets, Uniques and Legendaries in shop inventory selection. 2. 'Blacksmith'(now called 'Smithing') skill mechanics has been changed. Safe forging removal chance progression is much better now. The 'Blacksmith Arts' are now runic forge tokens carrying one(two at skill mastery level) random modifier. 3. Aspect lore skills now affect more combat art properties. 4. 'Fist Weapon Lore' has been restored as a Dragon Mage exclusive skill. It affects fist weapons and bare-handed combat, allows to dual-wield fist weapons. 5. Constution Mastery now makes in-combat health regeneration 8 times faster, instead of making it equal to out-of-combat regeneration. 6. Energy Shield Mastery now makes in-combat shield regeneration 4 times faster. 7. Riding now directly affects the active mount's ability to gain higher levels. Riding Mastery now adds a substantial flat bonus to all armor types. Lore Changes: 1. Ker's lore has been rewritten. Her statues have been reworked. Divine Gift changes: 1. Ker's Gift has been reworked. 2. Lumen's Gift has been reworked. 3. Kuan's Gift's effect now follows the caster, the radius of the effect has been reduced. 3. Other Gifts have had their property values rebalanced. Quest Changes: 1. A lot of quest texts have been modified, or rewritten. 2. Shirka Alana becomes a permanent companion on the current difficulty upon 'In the Badlands' quest completion. 3. In order to receive a privilege of buying elite mounts, a series of quests has to be completed. 4. Waton now gets killed during the Shadow-side Dragon Cult chain-quest. 5. Attribute and/or skill bonus rewards have been introduced for many quests. 6. Multiplayer Freeplay and Deathmatch modes are now devoid of quests. 7. Demons in the "Wild Twine" and "Debts" quests have been replaced with demonesses. 8. "Weakening the Abishai" quest now has the "Lost Crypt" chain-quest completion as a prerequisite. 9. Questscripts.txt has been altered to, hopefully, avoid any instances of erroneous quest companions upon save game loading. 10. Up to 256 individual taskcreatures can be added as kill targets in an appropriate quest. NPC Changes: 1. Boss and miniboss AI discrepancies and faulty CAs have been corrected. Occurrences of bosses stopping in their tracks, or wandering aimlessly during combat should no longer happen. 2. Bosses are now subject to additional mitigation of all damage types and have an increased health pool. 3. Elite mounts have received improved models, textures and special effects. 4. The Garganthropod's shield visual has been replaced. 5. The elite mount trader now resides on the Island of Mounts(now called 'Isla Ancar'). 6. Character-specific and Alignment-specific taunts from hostile NPCs have been restored. 7. A lot of unused town NPC dialogue has been restored. 8. Town activity AI has been modified. 9. NPCs can now be assigned hair via hair1Itemtype in creatureinfo.txt. 10. Carnach and Sakkara Demon models have been reworked. 11. Hellhound animations have been reworked. 12. Baron De Mordrey is now a Boss-level enemy. 13. Cobold Chieftain model has been replaced, his creature entry - reworked. 14. Haenir model has been replaced with the one used in S2DF. 15. Non-suicide attack flying eyes now have death animations and leave corpses. 16. The Evocator(now called "Evoker Malignus the Unhinged") model has been replaced, his creature entry - reworked. 17. The Sheik Yerbouti model has been replaced. 18. The Sorcerer Mankaul from the "Ancestral Chambers" quest is now a Boss-level enemy. His model has been replaced, the creature entry - reworked. 19. Desert Stone Warriors are now complemented by Cursed Priests. 20. King El Leigh is now a Boss-level enemy. His model has been replaced, the creature entry - reworked. 21. Flaming Horse enemies have been replaced with a new female demon type. 22. The Dream Vampire is now a Boss-level enemy. His model has been replaced, the creature entry - reworked. 23. Zihul the Lich from the Missing General quest is now a Boss-level enemy. His model has been replaced, the creature entry - reworked. 24. The "Lost Crypt" final enemy is now Boss-level. Her model has been replaced, the creature entry - reworked. 25. The Guardian(now called "Capsa the Procurer") model has been replaced, the creature entry - reworked. 26. The Du'rach Commander Harrad'smit(now called "Du'rach Witch-King Harrad'smit") model has been replaced, the creature entry - reworked. 27. Mazzagon's Bodyguard is now an Elite-level enemy, the second bodyguard is still Boss-level, with model replaced and creature entry reworked. 28. Forest Guardian(now called "Fangorn the Wild") boss no longer respawns. 29. The "Dark Rituals" demon has been renamed to Nagaya. 30. Eagles, Snakes and Parrots have been added as neutral animals. 31. Narmul's "boss_phoenix_eisbombe" CA has been improved. 32. Dragon bosses should now perform aerial attacks more often. 33. Extra Dragon bosses have been introduced, all unique Dragons now have names. 34. Mer-Kil is now a Gold Dragon with a visual effect. 35. Orphas and Loromir have changed roles in the respective quests. Loromir is now a Gold Dragon, Orphas is a Green Dragon. 36. The last numeric parameter of 'spawn.txt' entries now controls the game mode of the spawn entry. 0 - any mode, 1 - multiplayer campaign, 2 - free play, 3 - pandemonuim. 37. Elite Blade Spiders Elite Spitting Spiders and Elite Hunting Spiders now have a battle jump CA. 38. The Lightning Lord now has it's own sound profile. 39. The Carrier Imp now has extra idle animations. 40. Multiple NPCs will now display extra voiced "emotion"(fear, mostly)animations, while in combat. 41. Elite Goblin Officers can now utilize their hard-hit weapon-based CA. 42. Multiple armed NPCs' secondary idle animations now have sound effects. 43. Skeletal and mummified undead enemies now consistently have extra lives and explode on final death. 44. "Charging forward" npc CA's should now actually work. 45. "enemy_blind" CA spellclass replaced, since "cSpellBlind" does not apply the effects properly. 46. High Elf Inquisitor model has been altered, so as to keep with the "dark tech-priesthood" theme. Human and ghost variants keep the old model. 47. Orpheus' model has been replaced, the creature entry - reworked. 48. Scaron boss no longer respawns. Equipment Changes: 1. Item classification boni now spawn on Set, Unique and Legendary items. 2. All character armor sets have been reworked, multiple clipping issues have been resolved. 3. All unique and set weapons have unique models. 4. Due to 'Chance for Melee Double Hit' modifier not being checked for ranged and spell-based attacks, it has been replaced with 'Opponent's Health Threshold for Deathblow' on items 'Essence of Dark Matters' and 'Aarnum's Pathfinder'. 5. Damage converters now only convert Physical damage. 6. Various CA and skill bonus modifiers should no longer spawn on inappropriate class-specific equipment. 7. Item classification character-specific modifiers should now spawn correctly. 8. Horse saddle variety has been improved. 9. Metal shader brightness has been adjusted. 10. Forged set jewelry is now accounted for worn set pieces. 11. Fist weapons are now Dragon Mage class weapons. 12. Lightsaber beams are switched off while not in combat. 13. Throwing dagger animations have been reworked. 14. Lightsabers and fist weapons' positioning while riding has been adjusted. 15. Several glove, boot and arm models had no "laying-on-the-ground" animations. Corrected. 16. All relic slots are now active at all times. 17. Throwing stones can no longer be bought from merchants. 18. Throwing axe models have been replaced. 19. Item rarity tiers have been compacted to: 0 - junk, 1 - normal, 5 - magic, 9 - rare, 13 - unique, 14 - set, 15 - legendary. Balance.txt rarity values have been adjusted. 20. Some weapon specular textures lacked the alpha channel, resulting in maximum glow effect. Those have been fixed. 21. Potions and Trophies now have the following base durations on all difficulties: Light Potions - 30 seconds, Potions/Alchemy Trophies - 45 seconds, Strong Potions - 60 seconds. 22. Potions and Trophies now have extra properties unlocked by either Alchemy, or Warding Energy Lore, or their respective Masteries. 23. The Divine Spark special trophy has been recreated. Can be dropped by Energy-type creatures. 24. The 'Selling Price' bonus no longer displays in item UI. 25. Item stack limit set to 250. 26. The 'below value' selling procedure's gold refund part used to ignore the amount of units in a stack.Fixed. 27. Non-stackable items can now be transferred between the player inventory and the currently active stash via Shift + Left Click. 28. Items can now be quickly sold from stashes via Ctrl + Left Click. Stackable items, Rares, Uniques and Legendaries require an extra confimation to avoid misclicks. 29. Item skill-dependent boni no longer show up in the standart item interface window, or the character bonus list, unless the character has the appropriate skill/mastery. 30. The expanded item interface window is accessed by pressing Left ALT key, while hovering the cursor over an item. 31. Items posessing CA FX-based visual effect should no longer produce annoying loud sounds upon being equipped, save game loading, or upon current location change via teleportation. 32. Undead Centurion and Undead Mage capes are now part of the respective creature model. 33. Instances of "O_stone" material use have been relaced with "W_stone", "O_stone" has been renamed to "W_spectral". 34. If a weapon with the "SUBFAM_PRI_WHIP" subfamily is equipped the correct set of animations is applied. Horses: 1. 'Rear Up' is now a weapon-based Area of Effect CA. 2. 'Charge' properties have been revised. 3. 'Leap' properties have been revised. 4. All previously Riding-dependent boni are now initially active. Seraphim Changes: 1. Hair animations have been disabled. 2. Belt skirts are now skeleton-animated. 3. 'BeeEffGee' weapon model has been replaced. 4. 'Flaring Nova' wave spread speed has been fixed. Initial nova damage is being dealt in sinchronicity with the spread, not with a 2.5 seconds delay. 6. 'Flaring Nova' 'Perplex' mod should now work correctly(*). 7. 'Divine Protection' no longer deactivates the 'Warding Energy' upon expiring. 8 'Divine Protection' properties have been rebalanced. 9. 'Pelting Strikes' opponent search radius has been reduced. 10. 'Pelting Strikes' 'Enfeeble' and 'Indentation' mods now work correctly(*). 11. 'Soul Hammer' 'Battering' mod should now work correctly(*). 12. 'Hallowed Restoration' duration is now fixed at 10 seconds, the cooldown is set to 10 seconds. 13. 'Baneful Smite' 'Confuse' mod should now work correctly(*). 14. 'Radiant Pillar' 'Delude' mod should now work correctly(*). 15. 'Instill Belief' conversion chance has been reworked, the misleading conversion chance description - removed. 16. 'Cleansing Brilliance' is now able to make use of the boosting properties, including hitpoint regeneration. 17. 'Cleansing Brilliance' now also damages regular enemies, it's radius of effect is reduced. Dryad Changes: 1. Character model now has a mild visual effect. 2. 'Ancient Bark' visual effect has been fixed. 3. 'Ancient Bark' property values have been rebalanced. 4. 'Dust Devil' 'Obscure' and 'Spell Shield' mods now work correctly(used to stop working, if a Dryad ally exited the Dust Devil and entered back again). 5. 'Dust Devil' effect range has been increased. 6. 'Viperish Disease' now affects all creature types, it's damage mechanics has been rebalanced. 7. 'Black Curse' 'Porous' mod should now work correctly(*). 8. 'Goldenglade Touch' property values have been rebalanced. 9. 'Acute Mind' property values have been rebalanced. Shadow Warrior Changes: 1. Character model now has a visual effect. 2. Character can no longer use bows, one-handed magic staves, energy weapons. 3. 'Scything Sweep' now releases six projectiles in ranged weapon mode. 4. 'Frenzied Rampage' opponent search radius has been reduced. 5. 'Ruinous Onslaught' has been reworked. 6. 'Belligerent Vault' has been reworked. 7. 'Belligerent Vault' 'Unaware' mod should now work correctly(*). 8. 'Spectral Hand' visual effect has been replaced. The fifth modification has been replaced. 9. 'Grim Resilience' visual effect has been replaced. Willpower bonus progression has been reduced. 10. 'Reflective Emanation'(now called 'Deflecting Efflux') visual effect has been replaced. 11. 'Skeletal Fortification'(now called 'Bleak Sentinel') textures have been reworked. 12. 'Bleak Sentinel' 'Perforate' mod(piercing projectiles) changed to 'Blast' mod(chance to deal area damage). 13. 'Shadow Veil' improves much slower and cannot be turned into a Buff. 14. 'Shadow Veil' detection conditions now include normal attacks. 15. 'Fear' modification of the 'Augmenting Guidon' has been replaced. 16. An extra class mount called 'Cerberides' has been introduced. 17. 'Nether Allegiance'(now called 'Wraith Guard') spectral soldiers now spawn with cuirasses instead of capes. 18. Instances of "FX_SPEECH" in CA sound profiles have been disabled. Inquisitor Changes: 1. Character model now has extra elements and a visual effect. 2. Character animations now make used of animation blending. 2. All robe elements are now skeleton-animated. 3. All shoulder armor pieces have been reworked. 4. Character can no longer use one-handed magic staves 5. 'Ruthless Mutilation' now releases six projectiles in ranged weapon mode. 6. 'Ruthless Mutilation' duration is fixed at 5 seconds. 7. 'Mortyfying Pillory'(now called 'Venomous Diatribe') has been reworked. 8. 'Levin Array' duration is fixed at 5 seconds. 9. 'Raving Thrust'(now called 'Force Disturbance') now affects ghosts and energy creatures. 10. 'Force Disturbance' push distance values are rebalanced. 11. 'Reverse Polarity' visual effect has been altered. 12. 'Zealous Doppelganger'(now called 'Essence Projection') now reincarnates the Inquisitor into his similar without the death event being called: the Survival Bonus does not reset, reincarnation works on Hardcore. It's no longer possible to turn 'Essence Projection' into a buff. 13. Doppeganger(now called 'Similar') now makes uses of the entire arsenal of Inquisitor CA's. 14. 'Essence Projection' Similar level progression level has been revised. 15. 'Paralyzing Dread' 'Confidence' mod has been replaced. 16. 'Paralyzing Dread' fear mechanics is now identical to the one from the fear-inducing item property. 17. 'Paralyzing Dread' debuffs now actually work(used to only provide the fx). 18. 'Dislodged Spirit' 'Wildfire' mod has been renamed to 'Reaping', it's mechanics has been reworked. 19. 'Soul Reaver' properties have been rebalanced. 20. An extra set called 'Pride of the Dark Mechanists' has been introduced. A weapon of unique design is part of the set. 21. An extra class mount called 'Arachnotron' has been introduced. 22. Instances of "FX_SPEECH" in CA sound profiles have been disabled. High Elf Changes: 1. Character model now has a visual effect. 2. Hair animations have been disabled. 3. Character can now dual-wield one-handed weapons and has access to 'Dual Wield' skill. 4. 'Combat Reflexes' and 'Toughness' skills are now available as secondary. "Damnification Lore" moved to primary. 5. 'Scorching Wave' is now 20% faster, the DOT damage is increased by 20%. 6. 'Frost Flare' 'Constraint' mod should now work correctly(*). 7. 'Raging Nimbus' 'Roar' mod should now work correctly(*). 8. 'Expulse Magic' now follows the High Elf around. 9. 'Expulse Magic' properties have been revised. 10. Dragon class mount model has been fixed. Temple Guardian Changes: 1. Character model now has a visual effect. 2. Left arm models have been reworked. 3. Equipped batteries are now visible on the character model. 4. Some CA's have been renamed to keep in theme with sci-fi and steam-punk motifs. 6. 'Combat Alert' properties have been revised, its base attack bonus now affects ranged weaponry. 7. 'Icy Evanescence'(now called 'Cryonic Terraforming') effect now follows the Temple Guardian. 8. 'Fiery Ember'(now called 'Magmatic Terraforming') effect now follows the Temple Guardian. 9. 'Amplifying Discharge'(now called 'Cryonic Discharge') has been reworked, it's visual effect - replaced. 10. 'Furious Emblazer'(now called 'Pyroclastic Emission') has been improved. 11. 'Archimedes Beam' has been reworked. 12. 'Primal Mutation'(now called 'T-Energy Exposure') has been improved. And no more chicken droppings. 13. An extra set called 'Terminator Honours' has been introduced. A weapon of unique design is part of the set. Dragon Mage Changes: 1. Character model now has a visual effect. 2. Character weapon selection is now restricted to fist weapons and two-handed staves. 3. 'Dragon Berserk'(now called 'Balor Form') has been reworked, the transformed creature model - replaced. 4. 'Dragon Form'(now called 'Afrit Form') has been reworked, the transformed creature model - replaced. 5. 'Afrit Form' 'Hardened Scales' mod has been nerfed. 6. The Dragon Mage maintains his skills and equipment boni while transformed. 7. The Dragon Mage makes use of fist weapons while transformed. 8. The Dragon Mage does no longer lose his active buffs during Balor, or Afrit Form transformations. However, he can not manage his buffs(switch them on/off) while transformed. 9. 'Eternal Fire' properties have been revised. 10. 'Dragon Strike'(now called 'Scorching Wrath') has been improved, the attack decrease property and the 'Blind' mod should now work correctly(*). 11. 'Energy Blaze' wave spread speed has been fixed. Initial nova damage is being dealt in sinchronicity with the spread, not with a 2.5 seconds delay. 12. 'Energy Blaze' 'Blind' mod should now work correctly(*). 13. 'Dragon Familiar'(now called 'Elfin Adjuvant') summon model and visual effect have been replaced. Intelligence and Willpower bonus progression has been reduced. 14. 'Elfin Adjuvant' property values have been rebalanced. 15. 'Whirlwind'(now called 'Guided Tornado') AI has been fixed. 16. 'Psychic Maelstrom' properties have been revised, the missile slowdown effect has been halved. The visual effect's playback speed is toned down. 17. 'Protector'(now called ''Earthen Guard') property values have been rebalanced. 18. 'Runes of Protection'(now called 'Warding Runes') properties have been revised. 19. 'Magic Barrier'(now called 'Petrous Tusks') has been heavily reworked. 20. An extra set called 'Mark of the Dragon' has been introduced. 21. The Dragon Mage can wear up to 2 amulets and 4 rings. Visual Changes: 1. Metal shader brightness level has been adjusted. 2. Ice weapon enchantment shader has been deactivated, due to inerference with various extra special effects. 3. Certain weapon and spell projectiles were missing their on-hit visual effects. The issue has been addressed. 4. The Elite Textures Trimmed archive now includes higher-quality post-Ice&Blood textures. 5. Several CMP set textures have been improved. 6. Restored 4 improper FX(fx_enemy_heal,fx_enemy_heal_c, fx_enemy_heilschub, fx_enemy_heilschub_c) and added two extra FX(fx_gen_blutigeaura,fx_gen_blutigeaura_c). 7. Fire enchanted weapon FX has been corrected. GUI Changes: 1. Combat Values / Inventory Screen has received additional reworking. It's context tooltip windows no longer contain erroneous, or confusing info. The 'Mounts' tab has been removed due to complete lack of function. 2. The GUI readings, stating battery-slotted damage converters having effect on the damage output of spell-based attacks have been corrected. 3. All font and background colors have been changed to conform to the 'black-glass' interface style. 4. Multiple changes in skill, aspect, combat art and bonus modifier names and descriptions. 5. The catalogue of books read has been reorganized. Some book texts have been changed, or corrected. Two missing books have been restored, one extra book has been added. 6. Some gameworld locations have been renamed. Nameless gameworld locations have received names. 7. Activated portals and miniportals do no longer have their names constantly displayed on the worldmap. 8. Attribute and skill poins rewards, if present, are now displayed along with the the gold reward in both the quest giver text and the quest journal. 9. Quest difficulty level is now displayed for main and class-specific quests. 10. Game loading background images have been replaced. 11. Background images for Inquisitor and Shadow Warrior aspects have been replaced. 12. A vast amount of quest items have been improperly displayed as book pages in the quest journal. That has been addressed. 13. The Seraphim and the Temple Guardian character info windows no longer display Energy Shield related info, unless the shield is active and the energy amount is greater, then zero. 14. Once a character reaches Level 200, the "required for next level"(now called "XP to Gain Next Level") is no longer displayed in character info windows. Installation: Either through GME, or directly on top of the stock CM Patch 1.60. Links: Trimmed Elite Textures (Size: 3,29 GB): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rbxeeelYDIWefBXqVRe4sKT50pnLpNtd/view?usp=sharing CM Patch 1.60 Addendum (Size: 8,1 GB, password: 12345): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1igcBObSjNf5ZLB-YSIQOrv0QcxRE3CXH/view?usp=sharing Extras s2logic CTD fix: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o8UuePIjacBahdLp2wH4eiZCEP4I03H_/view?usp=sharing Extras surface.txt fix: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CaE_ChIGqB4ewJ6QPcj21HniAjJr1CrZ/view?usp=sharing Extras sacred2.exe selling CTD, missing journal texts fix: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_2m-XG2PyRljRWKh_xPIEVgWDFAnwCAe/view?usp=sharing ru-RU locale soundresources.txt fix: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mwofS7bkBmz4xASazQxnE1oK0WOIYjGF/view?usp=sharing Standart Addendum soundprofile.txt fix: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SHV2_HfxUKVTMLp9HUL77Nt6fqOImIbQ/view?usp=sharing Addendum Extra: soundprofile.txt fix: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UH4SnmxBNt1aI2Jt2A60CMJkWCfHyyLZ/view?usp=sharing Credits: Flix - his work on the S2EE and D2F has served as a foundation of this mod. Pesmontis - creator of the essential tools for Sacred 2 modding and some of the models, reworked for use in the Addendum. Norbyte - creator of an essential GR2Converter tool. Charon117 for his very useful script parsing utilities. Multiple folks at Sketchfab.com, DieviantArt.com and Cadnav.com whose models and textures have been used as templates. Authors of the respective musical tracks reworked for use in the Addendum.

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