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  1. So I used some video walkthroughs of the game to continue making a rough map... 6/7 of it are now available to all And one of the northern locations is Castle Braverock (destroyed). Sacred 3 uses the Sacred 1 map without the Underworld expansion. And so far I found NOTHING related to Sacred 2 I’m sorry... This is horrible... They couldn't even do the mission select screen right. If you look at the map, you will notice that the gray path is one-way corridor most of the time and you have to play the game in a strict order. The tiny shortcut paths are probably there for convenience than diversity. So you have to go from the south to center to west to north to center to the east. I’m so sorry... There is not enough humor in the game to make up for it,.. even the chihuahua. This game is worse than what they said – it only has minimal first game of lore, and is regurgitated Dungeon Siege 2 in atmosphere. Nr of Dwarves – 1 (weapon spirit), who went nuts being stuck in the afterlife with the dark elves Nr of TGs - null

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