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  1. DOWNLOAD HERE! Some of My mods from 4 Years Ago lol. I remember playing Sacred and wanted to mod the hell out of it ^^ Good thing the Files are very accesible. (Thanks Ascaron!) Overview: Enjoy I'm planning on uploading them here too...
  2. Hi guys, Im trying to remake one summoning spell. I can make them just fine, but theres one specific monster ID I cant find. Has any1 found ID for DRACOLIN? If yes, id be clad to have it
  3. I have the original (non gold) cd's for both sacred and sacred: underworld. with the servers oviously down, I need some help updating the sacred game in order to install underworld then updating underworld as well. as far as I can tell it is most likely necessary to update classic before installing the expac. if someone knows where to find this info or knows it and can help me out, I'd really appreciate it. thank you! edit: actually the white box for Sacred has a red sticker saying "sacred now includes... new weapons, regions, quests and boss". is that the gold version? or just a later release? it doesn't say gold anywhere on the box and it did not include underworld. I bought underworld separate. thanks again!
  4. Hello all! I really hope someone can help me with my melee TG shopper build... The possibilities on the last 2 skills are killing me! I want to be able to use deathly spears effectively and survive decently. As it stands, my first 8 skills are: 1. Enhanced Perception 2. Bargaining 3. Armor Lore 4. Hafted Weapons 5. Tactics Lore (better weapon damage, DS damage, and derogate damage) 6. Devout Guardian Focus 7. Warding Energy Lore 8. Combat Discipline (haven't taken this YET but it does make deathly spears better I hear) So this leaves me with a few options for my last two skills. I am keeping combat alert as a castable which hopefully won't force cooldowns too hard on deathly spears and such. Anyways, I've devised a few options for skills 9 and 10: Option 1: Toughness and Lost Fusion Focus (for modding jolting touch) Option 2: Concentration (for 2 buffs) and Source Warden Focus (to mod and use the buff untouchable force) Option 3: Toughness and Concentration (is untouchable force worth using unmodded?) Option 4: Lost Fusion Focus and Concentration (again, is untouchable force really worth it unmodded?) I find options 3 and 4 LEAST compelling. Option one seems legitimate to me but then I miss out on a bunch of potential stun from not having UF. Option 2 seems good but then I only have an unmodded jolting touch and I miss out on toughness. Can my TG make it by with just armor lore and warding energy lore? I could always not take combat discipline, lose out on some DS damage (idk how much), and then come away with a little more options. Help. PLEASE help! I would really appreciate it!!!
  5. I suggest to all fans of "Sacred 2" PvP play, come up with rules and restrictions. Conduct a mini tournaments "1 v. 1", "2 v. 2", "3 v. 3", and so on. That would be wonderful, and use "Tunngle" ! Let's remember how it was ! There are a lot of ideas! builds and so on. For example, Deathmatch for 16 people. Let's resume Sacred 2 community ! On balance think later. Wait you answer ! And sorry my bad english...
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