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Found 2 results

  1. Introduction In Sacred exist 11th secret dragon. It was accidentally found by russian player WORTLOS in august 2016 (and only in 2018 was published ru-guide about it, after my returning to managing ru-community). Thats a secret dragon (or baby dragon). For his appearing you need about 3 hours of real time. How you can get it You need "Helkemel, Traveling Merchant". You can find him near to bridge on the road to Mystadale. Helkemel offers to buy a dragon egg, But you need to choose "Reject". After that move away for a some range. Check mini-map, when Helkemel's dot turn from white into gray (it means he dead) you can return. Speak with dying Helkemel. He tells that dragon has hatched and need to catch it before he grows... You can find hatched dragon at east from the Mystdale, below graveyard... ...and it's just a raptor. BUT, after 7 ingame days (about 3 hours in real time) baby-raptor will become a big dragon! It's stats should be same as Draconis Mortis, cause it's same dragon type. Conclusion As I know, it's the last detected secret in Sacred and no one knew that baby dragon can grow up. All hints about it was in sight, but a long time required for baby dragon growing hide it from players for more than 10 years.
  2. Hi again everybody. Couldn't find anything about this on the wiki or anywhere else, so I thought I'd post it here. While running around the desert, I started to wonder where does the bugged quest step in Ephraphim's Nightmare quest chain in the vanilla game lead. The quest completes normally, but the quest step "Heavy Burden" is not ticked as completed in the quest log and the quest locator points into the sea. My curiosity got the best of me and I used the dismount trick to get out of bounds and jump my way to the quest circle. I expected nothing to be there, just a not properly closed quest. But lo and behold: there was creature. A toad. But no just any toad, the HYPNOTOAD. If you kill the toad. The "Heavy Burden" quest step even gets completed. No reward or anything but still nice. Too bad I can't do it as I would technically gain a small additional bit of map discovered, which would be cheating. This is obviously a Futurama easter egg, but it is unreachable by normal means. I wonder how this bugged quest/easter egg came to be. Was it intentional? Did they not have time to finish it? Did someone start it but forgot to come back to it? We will never know. But there really is a mystical creature inside the northern sea. The one whose plan is to dominate us all D: GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.

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