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Found 2 results

  1. This post is especially for Steve, but also intended to help anyone else in the art of making a 3D Sword. If you know how to make one, this won't be for you. 3D Program Source: Sketchup Make 2017. First off, I import the image of the word that I want to make, for the purpose of this post, I am usign an image from a sword making link, as given to me by Steve. After Importing the image into my Sketchup work surface, I change the image into a texture, so that way I can draw over the image of the blade only. (The rest of the sword will be done later) As you will see in Image 1, that I have drawn a rectangle around the whole length of the blade itself with a series of lines drawn right across the blade, these lines however, are and will be essential for the further developement of the sword. Iimage 1 Once I have drawn around the shape of the blade, I can then delete all of the unwanted lines to get to the second stage of the sword, where have done an offswet within the image of the blade itself. (See Image 2) Image 2 The third and final stage befoer I go any further with this model project, I have pulled up the inner part of the blade, this will be the thickness of the blade sides, but I need to know please Steve, if this is too high up and secondly does the reverse side of the sword remain flat? Yes? Or No? (See Image 3) Image 3 Please reply as soon as you can Steve, so I know if I need to lower the inner blade, just the blade, the sides have not been put in as yet, as I need to know if the height is right first. I will not do anything further with my model until I get your reply, so I know where to go from this point where I have left the model of the sword. Together, we will see this sword come to life, as it were. I hope you appreciate me asking you for your honest and expert opinion?
  2. PERMANENT Hair Color Tutorial For The Seraphim Hello~! Originally posted here. If you can find it in your heart to click and view this page I would be so happy lol. I haven't seen a guide for this so why not be the first? ^_~ I think everyone already knows how to change their female character's hair color using the console. The problem is that it won't be saved when you exit the game. Also, the colors will not be the the same with the colors you see/choose on the Web. I tried to use pink (#ff6666) but it came up as orange. This is due to the fact that the hair color of the seraphim is actually Yellow/Blonde/Whateva. The SYS HAIRCOLOR command only adds the pink on top of the yellow or something like that So if you want to achieve a more specific color, you should edit the "sera_hair2_do.dds" which can be found inside the graphics02.zip. Edit it with GIMP (Best and easiest photo editor) and you can just use the colorize option to change it to whatever combination you like. See the pic below of my seraphim with Baby pink hair and Dark Pink (?) highlights The Plaid Skirt is still a WIP haha Just remember that when you do this, You will change ALL of the Seraphim's hair in the game. That's not a problem, right? What I did so you won't have to close-open the game, just edit the texture while the game is running and Press CTRL + F1 (I learned this thanks to SilverFox ) in-game and the textures will all be reloaded after a 2 second lag. To remove the mod, just delete the file. The "sera_hair2_do.dds" should be inside these folder: Low Quality Textures = D:\SACRED2\pak\lq\maps\heroes\seraphim Med Quality Textures = D:\SACRED2\pak\mq\maps\heroes\seraphim Then Play~! I think this works for the other characters as well? Didn't try coz The seraphim is all we Need #PigtailsFTW For your Convenience, I uploaded a zip file containing the folder(s) and the "sera_hair2_do.dds" inside. Just place in the PAK folder,make a back up and edit right away~! Mediafire Download Here. For More MODS CLICK HERE ~SevPOOTS
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