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The Ascending Letter Game

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I think that the alphabet game was a little too difficult once you got past about "j," so I am starting something related, but different.


Come up with a word in which the letter "a" is in the first positon. The next person comes up with a word with the letter "a" in the second position. It goes on until the person cannot think of any word with "a" in the next position and then they start over with a "b" in the first position, and so on. The words can be any length but should be actual words, no proper nouns, sorta like Scrabble words.



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Grrrr, I was planning to use Transcontinental for 15. :drinks:


anthropomorphically (16) - Resembling or meant to resemble the human form.

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Kind of cheap after your word, but, meh . . .


antidisestablishmentarianism [21] - Opposition to the disestablishment of the Church of England.

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