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Shadow Warrior - Duel Wield Build By Wraithking

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Ok here's my Shadow Warrior build that I took to level 200, this is based on/by the time you reach lvl200




Vitality.pngVitality - 30 % Strength.pngStrength - 70 %





Dual Wield.pngDual Wield


Tactics Lore.pngTactics Lore




Death Warrior Focus.pngDeath Warrior Focus


Malevolent Champion Focus.pngMalevolent Champion Focus


Armor Lore.pngArmor Lore




Combat Discipline.pngCombat Discipline


Astral Lord Focus.pngAstral Lord Focus




Any skill points left over divide between marked with *




Scything%20Sweep.pngScything Sweep




Frenzied%20Rampage.pngFrenzied Rampage


-mods-double attack/double strike/vampire


Reflective%20Emanation.pngReflective Emanation




Grim%20Resilience.pngGrim Resilience




Spectral%20Hand.pngSpectral Hand


-mods-clout/intent/double attack





  • Frenzied Rampage/Scything Sweep (mobs)
  • Frenzied Rampage/Scything Sweep/Demonic Blow (bosses)
  • Spectral Hand (pesky single/caster enemies)





Grim Resilience/Reflective Emanation (on constantly)



Extra Information


* Combos - You could add in Demonic Blow for bosses into the fr/ss combo

* If you use the chestplate of solitaire it gives bonuses to all Combat Arts,-xx% to regen and +xx% to cast speed

* Add as much of these item mods-Chance that opponents cannot evade attacks +X%/Opponent level for death blow +X% /

* All Combat Arts +X/All Skills +X and any lifeleech too because it's unblockable/extra damage/+xx% to damage



That's basically it, a good standard solid build.

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Nice! I love the creativity you used in only speccing with nine instead of ten skills. That's the sort of flexibility I love in my builds, and seeing how you got the mechanics to see you through to Niobium with this is outstanding.


Nice job here wraith






p.s Small gift of formatting for all the work you did on the wiki today, hope it's okay :) (The gift is the mark of Schot's amazing work with coding and graphics, and he'll make a cool announcement about this soon ^^(


p.s.s. One question regarding the build...do you think this will run in HC?


p.s.s. How about equipment... where are you getting it from? I noticed you didn't choose any General Skills. Are you socketing gear and jewelry from other Bargainers in your account? Would you be able to share with us more info on what/how you went about the socketing process for your build?

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How do you find surviving in the swamp without toughness? Its main reason I take the skill, makes the swamp really easy. MY current build is similar to this except I use NE instead of SH. Might change if ranged things ever become too annoying.

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Huge Grim maybe Colif? Grim does a great job of neutralizing Detrimental Effects, especially with all that Will Power. There could be a HUGE boost to the buff if cast from boost buff socket.


As well, Reflective Emanation can be completely modded to neutralize a ton of the swamps effects like Stun and Root.





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the formatting of the guide is cool! looks well professional,great work to schot/gogo,


I have a shopper toon that is niob,I use it just to run between shops near portals ie ruka,dragonmaw pass,sloefeld etc,then put the items

in my shared stash for other toons to use when high enough level,


I have only slightly tested this build on hc sp and it still viable but never went into any other difficulty than gold/silver,


as for items I tend to socket about 60% each of these mods in armor -


%xx opponents level for deathblow/-xx% chance opponents cannot evade attacks/+xx% to damage/-xx% opponents chance to reflect melee damage(as much as possible)


as for armor I look for existing mods like +xx% to cast speed/+xx% to attack speed/+xx to all Combat Arts/skills/+xx% to damage mitigation etc so it becomes tank/killing machine with high buffs


with duel wielding 2 high level kal'durs legacy I get +5.6% life leech or something so that helps too


allways look for armor/weapons with the most slots and item mods to help what build your making


never take mods that wont help your build ie on this build +xx% spell intensity/+xx% opponents chance to freeze etc


all in all with high damage/ deathblow and life leech enemies die very quickly before they even pose a threat.

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Hey I just wondering about my last skill choice. I was hoping for a little advice.


My current skills are

-Duel wield

-Tactics lore


-death war. focus

-malevolent champ focus

-armor lore


-combat discipline




For my last skill I was trying to decide between speed lore and combat reflexes


Any advice would be appreciated and helpful.

TY in advance

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hi angelous,I find speed lore not much use really(well I've never used it) so go for

combat reflexes the extra evade means more chance of survivial,or try spell resis

for any annoying magic users,it's just a case of trial and error really



im thinking of making a sw with just these skills-


-Duel wield

-Tactics lore


-death war. focus

-malevolent champ focus

-armor lore


-combat discipline


just for fun.(but I do have some rings with 55% opponents level for deathblow so this x3(in arm set belt) = 80% with diminishing returns)

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That is a pretty standard build, even if it only has 9 skills.


You don't need speed lore, I have 148% run speed just from equipment and weapon lores will get speed up to 150 fast enough.


Spell resistance? Why when we have Grim Resistance, I have 2k willpower just from that buff.


Combat Reflexes is best choice of 3.

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Is it just me or has the special formatting gone a bit wrong? Some broken code links & double skills/Combat Arts posting?


Anyways I alrdy read this guide when it was in raw form (before the pretty thingies ^^) and rly liked it :)





Chareos Rantras

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Question regarding the tenth skill. I understand the build this way...that only nine are necessary for it to be super competent...but what about that tenth choice. Do we make one anyway and let our plus all skills rings/slot do the boosting for us?





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basicly you could if you wanted to gogo,I didn't bother,because I was getting on just fine + I couldn't decide which

one just to fill the gap,so it's up to you really,yeah let the +all bring up the tenth if picked.

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I luv this build... with a lot of runes added to the two buffs ive found this build excellent... but is there a reason u havent given any rough numbers on the skills as ive only had this since 1st August so im still learning and im not entirely sure on what skills I should focus on more than others... any help would be awesome thanxs



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hey empathy,id focus on ca skills(ie death warrior etc) and tatics lore(important) and duel wield(maybe build dw to 10 points first then leave till later)

also build up armor lore as fast as you can to help with regen times of Combat Arts and to wear better gear so basicly try this-


to start-

duel wield-10 points(then add more at later lvls)

death warrior focus-continuous

m.champion focus-continuous

tatics lore-continuous

armor lore-continuous(until 75 points mastery)

combat discipline-continuous(until 75 points mastery)

concentration-just add to when you want(until guide states)

rest of skills is up to you etc


hope this gives a basic idea what to concentrate on to start

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I read some posts from him months ago, I think on the SIF, and he explained that he used Spectral Hand in that build for a form of ranged damage whenever he was rooted or otherwise unable to get within melee range of an opponent.


Of course if you put 75 points into Astral Lord Focus it will give you 9 mod points total for the aspect.

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Not at all. The damage you will do with it is decent but it's not necessary. I think wraithking just took it because he didn't like standing there rooted unable to do anything. Though if you do decide to take it keep in mind that his build only has 9 skills so you have a free slot already. Or you could give yourself two free slots.

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Dunno if this is talked about before but how can you pick Dual Wield as the first skill? It's a secondary skill so

you'll need 5 points distributed over your Offensive Primary skills before you can pick Dual Wield?





chOreos Rantras

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