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Happy Birthday Darlin!




I hope you're having a wonderful day, and the boys have decided to give Mommy a day off ^^


Love you Caire, meet me on MSN and tell me about how bad you were today!





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Awww! :agreed:


You guys are the best! Thanks for this thread!


LOL Knuckles that vid has me LOL and remembering the shiny outfit you wore on the Isle that time with Scott and a few others....ahh great times!


hehe the boys gave me a great evening off, I swapped all 3 out for 1 little girl who slept all evening whilst my friend took them and her son to see Harry Potter.....muwahaha I so got the better end of that arrangement!


Party time at the weekend...who's coming:)


hehe Jaguargal, no worries for ages on SIF a couple of people thought I was a French bloke called Eric! haha


Thanks again you lot! Drinkies are on me :unsure::hugs: :hugs:

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A bit late but I just got my hands to a net access. :D



P.S.: Gogo where did you read a Sex part in the pinch you got? The Sexy Pinch is all mine I tell you. :4rofl:

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