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Hello everyone1 !

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Hello and welcome, Memnoch, you devil :blush:


Enjoy the boards and the wiki. People here are awesome!


Oh, a tip for your signature...


This is how you use the tags:

[font="Garamond"][color="#FF0000"]HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Take That![/font][/color]

Note the tags like /color are at the end of the text you enter. It's like book-ends. Just put the starter tag before your statement and the finishing tag after. Otherwise the books fall over :)

Which makes it look like this:





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Hello Every1, Love the Site Very Informitive, Thank You For A site Like this. This is What Was needed For this Game. :P

Thank you GoGo


It's great seeing you here Dan, welcome to Darkmatters!





Thanx For the Tip Nili worked like a champ

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Thanx For the Tip Nili worked like a champ

No problems, Memnoch. Feel free to PM me if you have other questions regarding posting and such. I enjoy helping :P


One major pro tip :) Hit the preview post button when you're trying out new things in a post. It gives you a nice shiny view of what your post will look like to the world.

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