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McRaR application for clan D.A.R.K Sacred 2

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After being asked if I wanna join D.A.R.K a few weeks ago at Kami, I decided to do something about that and raise my posts to 15+ :)

Im a true Kami enjoyer and ofc sacred lover :)

Hosted lotsa lanparties for the 1st sacred game, for friends ofc



1. Favorite pizza topping : Jalapeños and antjovis


2. Favorite Drink : cold, prolly very cold beer


3. Where did you hear about darkmatters.org from? : for the 1st time from a friend


4. Most favorite book ever : not really a reader


5. Favorite movie of all time. : LOTR, fear and loathing in las vegas, Godfather and many more to mutch fav to decide


6. Current Favorite Game? : Sacred 2 ofc


7. All time best video game ever played : Duke Nukem :)


8. Favorite sport or hobby? cooking, fishing, swimming


9. What do you want for your birthday? : to have the winning lottery ticket for the multimillion euro's price money, so I dont have to work and play sacred all day long :)


10. Do you know anyone from our forum? : only ingame : Zinsho, gogo, barristan, dmol, viper, stubbie, dobri, steven erm all kami players and a few more :P


11. Who can you get and name from this forum that can personally vouch for you as a trusted member? zinsho and gogo, couse they asked me if I wanted to join D.A.R.K


12. If applying for Fellowship Status do you agree to abide by all the posted Rules of the Fellowship? yes ofc

(This question need only be answered if applying for Fellowship/Clan status for a sponsored game).

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Yay, application...finally!


We'll forward your application internally and have the answer in a week.



Get to know our gang here on these boards and have some fun, we have some great bars while you're waiting.


Cheers and thank you making it over!





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ha sweeet tnx gogo


well im not a fanatic forum poster so thats why it took a while to get to 15 post :)

the thing is to be honest I hate reading, make my eyes hurt, thats what im keep telling myself , im just lazy :)


but well sometimes u just got to do what u need to do, so I made it and I applied right away



we have some great bars while you're waiting.


where? im do not know the way, soo get me a cold beer plz^^







sweet guys and see ye online soon

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Good luck with the application. The bars in the general forum area! :)


Oh and thats not a Scottish version Spock its MCDonalds version for compressing hamburger size! :P

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Hey hey mcrar! Nice to see your application and I've heard so many great things about you from gogo already. :) Glad to read you've been enjoying the Kami. It's a sure fire way to get to know the gang and from what I've seen/read/heard this last one was full of cheer. :P


Mmmm, Scottish byte size burgers. (byte size. get it! Nyuck Nyuck!)

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yup its an oldschool clanname I .. erm .. most of us still use


we use to be a hardcore unreal tournament 99 clan called McFraGG with 20 members^^

our clan was formed by friends and friends only, couse we were friends we still are friends till this day

nowadays we still use our clannames ^^ for the few diehard gamers that are left


the biggest lanparty/competition we organised was with 16 pc's at a mate's house and ofc more people then pc's

we went to lan compitition with other clans in our kelts , original scottisch style :P



hehehe good old memories

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saw your reply in my application, thanks id say :D


I hope you didn't have any nightmares by clicking my pony power linky :4rofl:


Good luck and I'll see you online sometime


:P Ride On :viking:

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hi guy's


tnx for letting me in into your great community, im very happy to be part of this clan

ill do my best not to let u guy's down

hope to see some of u soon online



A quick question what name/toon name do you play ingame?


I have 4 toons that I play

[McRaR] Harrikiri ( Inquisitor kami toon )

[McRaR] Phuniniii ( dryad )


[McRaR] SpaMMeR ( dryad )

and RareElf ( HE )


the 1st two are the ones I play most

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