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Holos Burger !


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Found this recipe photos on the dark corners of the web.




I would make that, if only my mouth was big enough to tak a bite.


Mysteriously, I am suddenly REALLY hungry.


Me too, Only have ingredients to make a red Thai curry though haha. Which I may just do, if only I had some bacon... some burger.. ch- GAAAAAHHHHH!

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It's that time of year again. Football games, tailgate parties, beer, and the Legendary Holosburger. Now that I'm living single again I'll have to enjoy this solo, unfortunately. Doctor says I have a clean bill of health, blood work is awesome, time to go shopping one of these days I'm not working 7 days a week.

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In the never ending attempt to teach barbaric cooking to our au-pair girl I will cook Dibbelabbes later in day. My wife has hospital duty today at Marburg, so its my time to cook:




Dibbelabbes recipe


if you read the recipe till the end you read a mentioning of Schales. I prefer this, but my kids like Dibbelabbes better. Here is how Schales looks:




Schales has the additional advantage for the cook that all the food is ready in same moment. Dibbelabbes and potatoe-pancakes and you have kids taking away first pieces as soon as they are ready and when the last piece is done you find yourself alone at the table. But today we are only 5, the au-pair, the twins and the 12 year old in her chairwheel. Rest is doing a shopping at the working place of my wife.

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@ Chattius -


That somehow seems VERY tame compared to the OP's post.. 1/2 pound of bacon? Is that all it's got? It does sound good.. I'll probably have to give it a shot soon...


Though - aren't potato pancakes kind of redundant given the main course is also made with potato?

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The Dibbelabbes is for 3 normal portions to be naken on a plate in an oven. We normally need 2 full plates for dinner, so multiply all by 4. Schales in a big pan is also the recipe times 4.


OK.. But compared to the Holos burger, this dish lacks in artery clogging goodness. If you look at the burger, it's got like 5 pounds (2.26 KG) of beef, tons of cheese, tons of bacon all sandwiched between two pizzas which has even more cheese, more processed meats and other stuff.. Relatively speaking, the Dibbelabbes is health food compared to the burger.


Maybe if you slathered it in about a kilo of cheese...

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Dibbelabbes DOES look good.. and I'm sorry Chattius, lol..but no matter how you write about it...I don't think ANYTHING on planet Earth equals the Mighty Holos Burger's ability to clog arteries, even with a quick perusal of pix and the cook down!





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O' My, not again. This thread was beginning to get dusty. Someone just had to awaken the beast.


My stomach trembles in fear! My heart cries for HELP!


This giant monster will never be topped. No matter how many come before or after, the Holos trumps!


RUN, RUN very far away! As if your life depends on it, because in this case, it literally does.


Just say NO to Holos & give thanks later... :sick:


I remain, :chef:

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This is a birthday bump.

Thanks loco for the reminder.

hmmm, maybe we can give Mcdonald's a run for the money?






Noooo! Don't blame me for this trip down memory lane. it's your day to Shine gogo!



ps. yep I went back and read the whole thing. what a trip that was.



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Just wanted you guys to know of another bacon possibility http://www.bbqaddict...acon-explosion/



Surely this is a myth



Just wanted you guys to know of another bacon possibility http://www.bbqaddict...acon-explosion/


Is it wrong for me to want one of those...




Who could have possibly predicted these strange pangs when simple humans like us are faced against the awesome might of Bacon Weave technology.





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OMG! I will be ordering one of these when the funds permit. Awesomeness at its best... and delivered to your door! Priceless!

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Feeling Evil? Order this baby from Claudius's link here

















Just getting those pix has gotten me starved. Furian, how bout we go splitseez on that yummy monster. What a sick, wonderful link Claudius.





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OK.. As promised.. Here's the food porn.. :D


Sorry for the poor pic quality... My cell camera isn't exactly a Nikon.. The first pic is an "in progress" pic... I've got the bacon weave on the bottom, the sausage in the middle and the cheese, garlic, jalapeno along with the extra bacon on top.




The 2nd pic is of the thing after it's fully cooked. The cheese, it seems, oozed out. :(




I did cheat a bit... I used regular bacon instead of the thick stuff. This one was on sale for half the price of the thick stuff. I also used spicy sausage (1 lb package) and an 8 oz of Farmer John Habanero breakast sausage mixed together.


As for the taste.. I gotta give it :thumbsup::thumbsup:


The heat isn't all that overwhelming. I left off the BBQ sauce - mostly cause I didn't feel like putzing around with it any more. I was starving..


All in all, this isn't all THAT outrageous. It's basically a bacon wrapped meatloaf.

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Having 4 daughters, I fear most of my BBQ's are too low fat to challenge. But I can produce really barbaric food:


Have you ever grilled ham hocks and liked them? At festivals there are thousands of them grilled and if you look on the other side of the grill you see something like this, noone wants the feet:




Most of them are sold to china and the italians do some unhealty and high fat stuff, which could also be used for BBQ and join the challenge for high fat, arteria clotting, called zampone. The bones are removed from the pig feet and then they are filled like a sausage:



Our variant is way more barbaric: feeding little kids with pig feet without having them knowing it. Pig feet have a very high amount of gelatine at relative low fat. So they are boiled for an hour, then flesh removed from the bones. The boiling water is used as base for a soup. The pig feet flesh, onions, garden vegs, fine cut potatoes and if you like Sauerkraut added. Because of the gelatine the soup is thick in a creamy way and has a fine pork taste. But I fear it is too healthy, gelatine for growing kids, lot of vegs, ...




Barbaric, yes


cheap, I got dozens of pig feet for free at the 100year festival of a nearby shooting club

different, variatio delectant


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Yes pig feet were traditionally used to make Sülze (aspic) and it can used in this way.


Schweinskopfsülze (Schwein = pig, Kopf = head, Sülze = in aspic/jellied)



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