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DarkMatters' Official Policy on Site Transactions

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This site (Fellowship of DarkMatters and SacredWiki) does not encourage, endorse, authenticate, or warranty any financial transactions between members of this site. Members are free to post occasional, relevant, second-hand items for sale as long as they do not violate any criminal laws or infringe the intellectual property rights of others. This does not include sales for profit, or on behalf of charities or other organizations, or the use of Fellowship of DarkMatters or SacredWiki for other business activities.





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Nice policy addition. I am impressed by your speed. You should be a lawyer Gogo!



ha, maybe with my speed...but the brainchild behind this was one of our long standing members here at DarkMatters named Ike who's a crime lawyer, I've spent years playing Ogame with, and has helped out even with our Terms of Service here on site. He'd seen Timo's post go up, which was the first of it's kind here on this site, and which had us scrabbling. While I was at work I saw it as well, but Ike reached me and unbelievably quickly drew up all that nice disclaimer writing up above.


Big heart of this community we have had for years now. ,People that just like that watch our backs.


You know I love you guys right?





Big thanks Ike! And Ansgar, thanks for the words.






P.s. Ike's just written put up his third annual Hallowen Ghost Story write along... I know there's some good writers here... let's scare the pants off each other!



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Good disclaimer!


On the MaxPC forums (that is the team I have been running folding@home with since 2006) they have a buy, sell, trade section only open to those that are members of the folding team. I have bought and sold several computer related items there. The idea is to keep the folding parts moving around and such. Runs very smooth.




Another thing you may want to consider encouraging, if this buy/sell thing gets any steam, is ask sellers to post a pic of the item/items with the sellers forum name written on a card or piece of paper aong with the item for sale. The EVGA forums requires this in their buy/sel section, and it works quite harmoniously.


It just give everyone better peace of mind. I mean I know with my track record that I am extremely trustworthy, but a bit of sugar on top get more people to look! :tease:

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Again, my apologies for causing the trouble you guys, it wasn't my intention to get the site into trouble.

It's just that there is a Sacred/TQ fanbase here and I thought if anyone should get the opportunity to get any of these games it should be the people who've given me so many laughs and good memories. And gogo, Schot, please let me know what you think of my offer. :-)


@ Agent: I like your suggestion, I'll post a picture as soon as I get home. :-)

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