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Locolagarto's Application for Clan D.a.r.k. Sacred 2

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I love to play, but only when I'm alone or with somebody



1. Favorite pizza topping


Furian67 turned me on to a little pub called Wooley's. He makes a Five cheese(including Feta), Greek Special ( Furian's own invention. hope to get it on the specials menu soon) it has "Real" gyro meat, mushrooms, black olive, spinach, and lots of whole roasted garlic cloves. OMG


2. Favorite Drink


Yes. I mean will have something with me all the time. Coffee in the morning, Soda or water during the day. Beer or Soda, or water, or Jim, Jack, Johny, Jose. any of my favorite J's.


3. Where did you hear about darkmatters.org from?.


From Furian67, who found FDM or the Wiki or both on Google Search


4. Most favorite book ever


Dean Koontz- From the Corner of His Eye About a young boy who looses his eyesight, just to have it magically return later, except now "he can see all the ways that things are". Awesome kid great book


5. Favorite movie of all time.


There are too many. Comedy that made me pee my pants " there's something about Mary" when he zips his $@%$^&* in his pants OMG. Drama "The green Mile". Vampire/comedy/Robert Rodriguez anything " From Dusk 'til Dawn" just cause it's in the game.


6. Current Favorite Game?


Sacred 2 - Blood and Ice


7. All time best video game ever played


Fallout 3 on Xbox 360


8. Favorite sport or hobby?


Got my pilots license at 20. don't get to fly as much as I'd like.


9. What do you want for your birthday?


Just to be with my wife and kids. Maritza, Kenny 8, Michael 4.


10. Do you know anyone from our forum?


I've played with Gogo, Chareos, Llama, Dragon Brother, Furian67 and several others. But only know Furian personaly (rents a room in my house)


11. Who can you get and name from this forum that can personally vouch for you as a trusted member?


D.a.r.k members: Gogoblender, Furian67


12. If applying for Fellowship Status do you agree to abide by all the posted Rules of the Fellowship?




I have been playing Sacred2 on Xbox since just after it came out. After about 1000 hours, and joining the Forum and meeting so many cool people I made the leap to P.C. It's been an incredible transformation from Console to P.C. and I feel like a noob again. But I love meeting the people online. listening to new members and trying to help as best I can. But mostly learning something new everyday. The D.a.r.k. members I have met have been incredible online and at the forum. I look forward to joining in many games to come.





Hope to see everybody on the servers




By the way the name came from my wife who is spanish speaking. Basically trying to think of a gamertag and that was the only thing the came out. it stuck

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Wonderful seeing the application Andrew! I had a great time playing with you and what... all 9 of us in the servers today Ice and Blood? ^^


We're going to forward your application internally and have an answer for you in a few days regarding probation with Clan [D.a.r.k]






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Hey hey Loco. Nice to see your application dude. :P



Hey Schot, when are you gonna take a break from the wiki and come play? I see you've been very busy with the map and all the new expansion stuff.


See ya later

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Well...over here in Australia its 12.01am on 20th of November...so time for me for bed. I just got back from seeing The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus with a friend...I have to say it was different to say the least, rather strange. Anyway, night :)

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