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Celestial Magic Build


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See I Really like the spells as well as mount for the Celestial Magic Combat Art. Im Kinda new to the game and have gotten a duel weild build to level 20 3 times (keep reseting cause still learning(besides its fun)). But I was wondering what kind of weapon to take It looks like it would be smarter to go ranged like a BFG maybe but not sure of how to go about that.


Skills Not in Order(need good order and what to max things at)

Celestial Magic Lore

Celestial Magic Focus

Ranged Weapons


Armor Lore

Tactics Lore


thats really all im sure of atm and not sure on how I should to attributes or how many runes to take in stuff.

Spells I like are


Baneful Smite

Radiant Pillar

Hallowed Restoration (heard you can make it like a heal over time or really powerful wannt learn how)


Flaring Nova


need advice to make a awesome build out of this and what else to add please help!

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aha, welcome to the game mate :)


well, order order order... lemme see....


1.Ranged Weapons

2.Celestial Lore

3.Revered Lore (BFG)

4.Celestial Focus

5.Revered Focus

6.Tactics Lore

7.Armour Lore



10. up to you, personally I would go either toughness or Combat Reflexes


try and finish this for ya later kk?

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Here are 3 Celestial magic builds in the seraphim section:


Sariel: Invincible Flying Tankmage Thong Princess

StiCk's ALL Magic Seraphim

Sacred 2 Guide - Celestial Technobabe by soldats


If you want a BFG build, There are also some BFG builds in the seraphim guide section.


If you want to mainly use your weapon as a primary source of damage, consider using celestial magic as a support aspect only (pick only the focus skill in this case). If you want to use magic as your primary source of damage, I would advise you pick a one-handed weapon (with lots of sockets like an officer's saber) and shield for the extra defense from the shield (consider picking shield lore in this case also as one of your defensive skills) - obviously no weapon skill is used in this case.

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A nice and very good to play (at least on the PC) seraphim is celestial/techno babe. Archangel's wrath is a special weapon attack so Regeneration per Hit is working on it. It is a ranged attack, but noone demands that you use it ranged. If you modify it for two shots and explosion and it will have a devasting effect at melee range. Now add a two handed polearm or two-handed sword with x% life leech. At boss fights each wrath does a double hit with x% life leech.


You can use pillar and hypnosis to collect groups and then fire a wrath into the group and recharge the wrath and the pillar with RpH. Or use a combination of a nova and a wrath for recharging. My 12 year old daughter plays such a seraphim with great fun.


I am currently a bit to busy to look up english names and I hope I remember the build right:

celestial lore, armour, celestial focus, sword/polearm, technic lore, concentration, combat focus, technic focus, energy shield lore and one of constitution/toughness/ancient magic


You modify the light aura first to slow attacks, undeads and frequency. And use it to level at places with undeads. Next to modify is archangels wrath. Then battle aura buff as second buff to get better hit chance for the wrath and some reflect, ....


A character like this will take good use our of RpH-jewelry. So best to have a bargainer ready.

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