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Happy Birthday Gintukas and Bondbug!

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Yay... two of my friends celebrating the big bday today! I hope you guys gets da goodies, Gintukas, maybe today someone will get you something from the store instead of the still... how bout this honey liqueur store bought instead of home made...tell me how it tastes!




And bondbug, for you... some fleur de sel





...nothing but the best, mate.


Happy birthday you guys, wishes, wishes galore!








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Chef of honour! - not since I taught my good lady a few cuisine basics er ... *** years ago, and she took off as to the manner born. It's more a case of 'get your great idle carcass out of MY kitchen'.


In fact if she is ever ill enough to be confined to bed she recovers very quickly if I cook the dinner.


She says it will be Squid Provençale, basically a tomatoe sauce with onions, garlic, oregano, thyme, and with garlic bread. It is the 'starter'. Main course is a stew done in the wood oven yesterday. A cheap Sauvignon from the Cotes de Gascogne with the squid, and I sneaked up a bottle of her favourite Australian red for the main course. :D


At present I feel great about it, but don't ask me this evening when I reckon I'll be too stuffed to talk.


P.S. Thanks for the salt! We use salt from the salt pans at Guérande (not far from St.Nazaire) here. There is a festival where they bring salt up the river to Tours by traditional boats, stopping on the way for a fete in several places. Real old fashioned salt pans. There are others down the west coast, and the Camargue of course.

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I love your writing, Bondbug... You've made me so hungry reading about tails and squids in Provencal... it should be your birthday more often. I hope there's a small chance of a pic of the dish showing up here on the forums. For someone so slated as I to the fast-food corner, such an image would be the day's gastronomic illumination.





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.. it should be your birthday more often.



Ta. I think I have already had enough! but I'll see what I can do about a pic, bearing in mind that my little freebie camera is not the greatest.


Hi Tim and thanks. The colours of your sig remind me of the Stade Français rugby strip. No offence meant. It is great for a sig, but for a rugby team..:) OK - fortunately rugby is not your sport, if I remember correctly.

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OK Gogo. You asked for it ...










on the plate:




I did warn you the camera is a freebie.


Followed by beef stew with dumplings; banana split; and, reverting to trad. english, cheddar with biscuits, coffee and port.


Phew. Happy birthday Gintukas. Lang may yer lumb reek young 'un.

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zomgod, bond the pix are darling. Meh to a camera...just the effort and love.. I can feel it all the way here. You're a lucky day my friend, and it's like all the pix and writing you have put down mean you get to enjoy your meal twice!





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Don't know about you Gintukas but all this good will made a good day for me.


My stomach is less happy this morning. Not too much booze but too much food.


Resting. ;) and thanks all.

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