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Bad before Bed

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My swig before bed time.

Crispy Crunch Milkshake. HOlee mollee this stuff's so unbelievably bad for you, I can feel the holes this creamy vitriol is making in me teeth.





I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaad




owch...someone call me a dentist






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Even though that does not really appeal to me, I have to say that you have the coolest food products up there. Going to have to schedule a trip one of these days.

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Surprised you survive that crap Gogo! Barristan is right. And we don't want to lose you just yet laddie. :eek:


Mine is milk from the farm. I believe it is 'illegal' now but I don't see why some stuffy politician in some place that is not even in my country should be allowed to change the habits of a lifetime. :)


Get some pasteurised milk and do your own thing. ;)


P.S. How the **! can a milk shake be crisp and crunchy. You got a loose tile somewhere? :)

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