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Hey all...a RE-introduction.

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Just thought I'd say hello to any old faces and all the new ones lurking/inhabiting these pages. I think it's been over a year since I gave up drugs(o-crack that is). Everyone was quitting or giving up accounts so I did the unthinkable: set vacay mode and never came back, kinda sad when I think about my ol uni9 account ranked 19th at the time and my uni36 I was 8th. It was okay..I went through withdrawals, I spent nights crying myself to sleep but I trudged along.


Anyways my apologies for dropping off the face of the earth, but I'm back, and guess what I bought today? SACRED 2 for my PS3. I knew as soon as I came home I had to logon to darkmatters(well after a lil password recovery-finding out what old email I had when I registered, then send it there) HEY better late than never right? Yeah, I thought you guys would be proud. Now if you'll excuse me im gunna root around here and see what you all have been upto


P.S. Gogo are you at 1,000,000 posts yet?

P.S.S. Does anyone still play ogame?

P.S.S.S. Back in my day we ruled this place...I was happy to see this benchmark still hanging out at the bottom: Most users ever online was 197 on Apr 4 2008, 04:54 PM

P.S.S.S.S. Thank God my favorite smiley guy is still here:


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Ah, one of the old guard returns. Welcome back locutus! Nice to see you survived the withdrawals. ^^ Shame that you got the console version of Sacred 2 though. Did you keep the reciept? :yay:

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Alooooohaaaa, and welcome back. I'll offer you a piece of Holosburger before Gogo try's to give you some of that Poultine stuff.

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oh ye godz...locutus walks the face of Ancaria... hot dang! I was wondering what happened to you. I know for a while you trying thespian career... is that still interesting?


Good thing is, you're on the roadmap now, and I'm tickled someone from D.a.r.k's oldest game is here for our headliner.


Welcome back!





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Awww cut me some slack Schot, it was in the "game days" sale bin for $20 :D


Oh alright alright. ^^ You did successfully tear yourself away from the almighty ocrack so gotta give yah credit there. Play on! :P But if you're ever looking to score an Ice and Blood fix you know who can hook yah up. Of course you'd need a pc to light it up. ^^

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Welcome back Locutus! Bean a while for sure. Any chance you playing Star Trek Online? If so give me a call we can team up for a episode or two. :D

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