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Caster/Dual Wield Inquisitor Build

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About This Guide


This may look like a swiss army knife Inquisitor but trust me when I say It's not...This Inquisitor is relyant on 2 aspects & the 3rd is just for support...His main aspects are Gruesome Inquisition & Astute Supremacy for the fact that he's a melee/crowd control Inquisitor...His backup aspect is Nefarious Netherworld...This aspect if you read the guide carefully is just meant for De-Buffing enemies & good attack & defense value through Soul Reaver if you can't find good armor...With that said, Let's get started...


Skills and Deity


Deity = Testa - Take TESTA because it's a good Divine Gift for clearing out hordes of enemies.


Level 02-Concentration.png Concentration - Take this for dual buff usage & reduced regen times with all combat arts (75)

Level 50-Constitution.png Constitution - Take this for more hitpoints & better hitpoint regeneration during combat (82)

Level 65-Toughness.png Toughness OR Sword Weapons.png Sword Weapons - Toughness for lack of sets or Swords for PvP & better use of swords (80)


Note: If you plan to take an Inquisitor level 200...Do pay attention to the numbers to the right of each skill cus that number specifies what level each skill should be at by level 200...And on a side note, the higher level numbers are skills you should try and master first!


Attribute Points


For a Caster & Dual Wield Inquisitor you would want to assign most of your points to the Attributes of Strength, Stamina & Intelligence. "Why these ones?" Im sure you'll ask...so are you ready? Well here it goes...You want to add your points to these attributes for the sake of being able to spam ultra deadly Combat Arts & that's what Stamina & Intelligence will do. Then when your not spamming Combat Arts (in case that grows boring), you want to assign to Strength so you can HIT & HT HARD.


Combos and Buff Usage


This is Semi-Straight-Forward...For Buffs...you wanna use the following in order (cus of Concentration):


Reverse Polarity.png Reverse Polarity --> Soul Reaver.png Soul Reaver --> Purifying Chastisement.png Purifying Chastisement


As for Combos...you wanna use the following in order:


Combo 1 (melee attack): Ruthless Mutilation.png Ruthless Mutilation + Callous Execution.png Callous Execution


Combo 2 (debuffer): Dislodged Spirit.png Dislodged Spirit + Inexorable Subjugation.png Inexorable Subjugation + Mortifying Pillory.png Mortifying Pillory


Combo 3 (crowd control): At lower levels when you don't have Combat Discipline mastered just use everything but Eruptive Desecration.... Raving Thrust.png Raving Thrust + Clustering Maelstrom.png Clustering Maelstrom + Levin Array.png Levin Array + Eruptive Desecration.png Eruptive Desecration


Combo 4 (temporary boost/enemy weaken spell): Paralyzing Dread.png Paralyzing Dread + Frenetic Fervor.png Frenetic Fervor


Combat Art Mods


Note: Before we begin, most combat arts I recommend you mod are ones I'd recommend you use...So basically all of them! And also, Numbers next to each of the combat arts means mod them in order of the lowest to highest number specified!


Gruesome Inquisition.png Gruesome Inquisition


Callous Execution:3

Bronze-Bleed = Chance for open wound

Silver-Lacerate = Chance for deep wound

Gold-Judgement = Increased chance for critical hits


Ruthless Mutilation:2

Bronze-Ire = Increased damage

Silver-Petrify = Chance for stun

Gold-Frenzy = Chance for double hits


Mortifying Pillory:1

Bronze-Disgrace = Reduces opponent's armor class temporarily

Silver-Proclamation = Increases the threat the outlaw poses

Gold-Mortify = Reduces the opponent's defense value


Frenetic Fervor:5

Bronze-Faith = Reduces casting time for spells

Silver-Resolve = Increases attack value

Gold-Relentless = Increases duration


Purifying Chastisement (Buff):4

Bronze-It's your choice depending on which type of damage you use the most

Silver-Merciless = Increases the threshold to 35%

Gold-Hallow = Adds more damage to the buff


Astute Supremacy.png Astute Supremacy


Levin Array:3

Bronze-Elongation = Increases range of lightning

Silver-Hesitation = Briefly decreases enemy attack speed

Gold-Dynamic = Increased chance for critical hits


Clustering Maelstrom:1

Bronze-Gravitation = Adds damage bonus

Silver & Gold-Vortex = Increases the range


Raving Thrust:2

Bronze-Bedaze = Adds a chance to stun enemies

Silver-Relay = Also knocks back enemies near the targeted opponent

Gold-Lesion = Adds a chance to inflict a deep wound


Zealous Doppelganger:5

Bronze-Incentive = Increases attack & defense value

Silver-Equal = Gives Doppelganger Gruesome Inquisition Aspect

Gold-Companion = Doppelganger becomes a permanent buff


Reverse Polarity (Buff):4

Bronze-Rebound = Adds chance to reflect magic damage

Silver-Counterblow = Adds chance to reflect close combat damage

Gold-Exploit = Each party member recieves 5% of damage intended for inquisitor


Nefarious Netherworld.png Nefarious Netherworld


Dislodged Spirit:1

Bronze-Spite = Increases duration for the soul being held

Silver-Deprivation = Further decreases opponent's attribute values while soul is held

Gold-Wildfire = Adds physical damage & when person dies, the corpse will explode & inflict area damage


Paralyzing Dread:5 In all honesty...I recommend you don't take any mods for this Combat Art after the bronze one!

Bronze-Panic = Reduces opponents' attack value

Silver-Decrepit = Reduces attack speed even further

Gold-Confidence = Increases attack value of Inquisitor


Inexorable Subjugation:4 I also recommend you don't go past the bronze slot with this combat art as well!

Bronze-Brunt = Inflicts more magic damage per time unit

Silver-Menace = Spectral companion poses a higher threat

Gold-Probation = Increases spectral companion's life span


Eruptive Desecration:2

Bronze-Restore = Corpse damage will heal you

Silver-Danger Zone = Increases area of effect

Gold-Apocolypse = Increases explosion range


Soul Reaver (Buff):3 This buff I recommend that you only mod it if you CAN'T find good equipment!

Bronze-Zealot = Increases the lifespan of the reanimated souls

Silver-Recreation = Increases hitpoint regen rate when accompanied by souls

Gold-Soul Imbiber = Heals the Inquisitor every time he collects a soul




As for equipment...I recommend the use of the Deylen's Power Set for this guy at least if your a console user...reason is...the final set bonus for the Ilgard's Judgement set is bugged and it makes the "Chance to Inflict Serious Open Wounds" effect as I'd like to say an Inquisitor Killer instead of a Bad Guy Killer if you catch my drift! Now if you're a PC player go ahead & enjoy your Ilgard's set! Anyway back to the Deylen's set...if you've noticed...one of the Deylen's set pieces...specifically the chestplate "Deylen's Haughtiness" gives you a nice bonus to the Gruesome Inquisition Aspect as is so there's no reason to worry about that stupid Ilgard's set guys! This Deylen's set has everything you need except for the boss killing aspect of an Inquisitor which can actually be provided if you socket a nice All Combat Arts Bonus into the armor for the sake of that Nefarious Netherworld Aspect! Onto weapons now...For weapons I'd recommend the use of Officer's Sabers socketed with high level Damage/All Skills Rings if your fortunate enough to know someone who can do that for you! If not...stick to Khandar's Slicers or Sword of the Blood Dryads cus on my first couple of builds these things really didn't let me down & also the Sword of Blood Dryad's Damage of Enraged Players effect really helps with raising the hitpoint threshold on your Purifying Chastisement Buff...But also don't rely on just those swords...Find armor & jewelry that has the same effects as the swords if not an All Skills or Armor Bonus bonus cus it will really help this guy out later down the road!




I can honestly say that building this character was not easy my first time around...this was actually the design of my 2nd Inquisitor because my 1st one was junk! On a side note too...the reason I chose the combat art skills I did is cus the attributes points that I add give me enough of damage bonus & the focuses are also so in the future after you've modded out the combat arts you can add runes to the Arts with out much of a penalty & still get a good damage bonus! Anyway hope to get good feedback on the guide & I hope it helps!

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  • 6 months later...

My GT is NayeemBD. Im up for a shadow warrior guide, I honestly restarted playing after months of playing dragon age, red dead and resonance of fate..so getting back into the groove of things...but yeah im trying on an duel + aspect support Inquisitor, a 2 aspect SW and a TG (I don't know how to play him yet).

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Hey Yeska, thanks for your GT! I played Red Dead btw, I loved it! Anyway I'm not on much lately but I'll send you a friend request when I can...As for the Shadow Warrior guide, same story there, I'll post it when I can...I'm rather busy looking for a job right now though.....

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  • 5 months later...

The inbetween skills were messed up by the Christmas theme that was put on this forum December 2010....If you want to know the other skills that were ther PM me......


EDIT: Just saw that you're on xbox, get ahold of me there instead and mention this forum....

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  • 1 month later...

Looks like a very fun build to play with. I do have a question though....where are the inbetween skills? Are we just to pick what we like?


Lemme hazard a guess:


Dual Wield

Armor Lore

Astute Lore

Astute Focus

Ruthless Focus

Tactics Lore

NefNeth Focus



Don't hold me up on the order though.

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