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Stuff for a Two-Hander Shadow Warrior Needed

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Hello all!


I'm looking for two handed hafted weapons (uniques) for my Shadow Warrior (what else), specially Skullsplitter and Executioner's Axe; and some rph and physical base damage rings as well (both in the same ring, together). It doesn't matter the level. I'd be grateful if anyone could help me.


Thanks in advance!

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I can offer you:

  • Executioner's Axe: 96
  • Skullsplitter: 24, 51, 96
  • Tervon's Might: 100, 125
  • Lar's Hammer: 120, 135
  • Dragonslayer: 75
  • Extremely Mighty Bat of Devastation: 115, 135

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